What range should I select?

The range I have it set at currently doesn’t seem to add any correction. Should I change the 11.1 to 7.1? Amy other suggestions? I didn’t know what to put (just got a new Omnipod Dash PDM and don’t have my old settings to compare). I entered 11.1 because that is what the example showed.

I thought that by entering 3.5 as my correction factor covered this but I guess that is just the method and I have to choose at what number to apply that method.

Unfortunately, I didn’t go over this w my Endo and don’t seem him for 2 weeks. Hopefully someone here can share what they use?

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11 is rather high to start corrections. My target BG is 5.5 and I’ve set corrections to start at 5.6, but that’s aggressive. I’d set it lower than 11.1 but it all depends on what level you want corrections to be initiated at.

Right now you wont’ see corrections until you’re 11.1.

Did you ever upload your old PDM to Glooko/Diasend? If so, it would have stored your old settings there.


Unfortunately, I didn’t start using Diasend until I received my replacement PDM (my other stopped working) so I don’t have any of my old settings information.

The way you’ve explained how your settings are illustrated how it works to my brain ha ha. I don’t think I’ll correct as aggressively as you, but maybe I’ll try about 7 to start.

This site and connecting with you all have helped me SOOOOOO much. Many thanks!



That’s the upper end of the target range the Dash system permits (for US readers, it’s 200mg/dL and 3.9 is 70mg/dL). I consider these values extreme. The last discussion I had with my endo he said that he doesn’t normally want people targeting below 6.7 (120mg/dL); this arose because my target is 4.4 (80mg/dL). Your target seems reasonable to me but, given that you are a new user of the system, your endo may disagree.

I think the “correct above” figure will cause problems. It’s close to twice your target, so you will watch your blood sugar go up then end up doing a large correction unless you bypass the Omnipod bolus correction calculations. My ‘correct above’ is 5.6 (100mg/dL) - about 1 above my target. The ‘correct above’ avoids repeated micro-corrections when close to the target, for that to work I would say it needs to be at least 1, maybe 2 (40mg/dL) higher than the target.

The ‘correct above’ just causes the Omnipod to not suggest a correction. You can set it to the target - i.e. 6 in your case - and just ignore ridiculously small corrections. I think if my target was near 8 (140mg/dL) I’d want the correct above to be the same, but that’s me - all my settings are very aggressive.

My feeling is that it is something you want to discuss with either your endo or a diabetes educator who is familiar with the Dash system. You may be able to get a telephone or zoom (etc) appointment with an educator at short notice.

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Thanks for this thoughtful feedback! I like the idea of approx. 1 above target, especially with my more conservative target of 6. I am FINALLY going days without higher than 13 after over a month in the teens to 20s and sometimes 30s. My dexcom doesn’t even read that high, but that’s what the hospital told me.

Soooo, I think that is why I feel AWFUL if I am in the 4-5 range. I will hopefully get back to that range feeling normal, but for now I’m good with 6-8 range, then slowly bring that down/tighten that up.

I talk to my endo in 2 weeks, so I’m going to put my correct above figure at 7 until that time, and maybe after two weeks (and with his direction) I’ll lower it, but for now that works for me :slight_smile: