What is my political affiliation?

I am having some issues trying to pin down what party I most closely align with. My philosophy can be boiled down to two statements based on my desires and observations.

  • Economic Freedom:

When people spend other people’s money (taxes, health insurance, church, ect.), it is inefficient and becomes more wasteful as the degree of separation becomes larger…however… having economic freedom also assumes the ability to utilize a social economic safety net. A person in economic need hinders their economic freedom.

  • Personal Freedom:

People should have the ability to do anything they want as long as it does not infringe on another person’s freedom.

I believe that government is inherently wasteful, and yet, necessary in specific ways. Both liberals and conservatives abuse US resources with inefficient and expensive government welfare programs, wars, walls, ect.

I just don’t know where I stand. I want an America where government doesn’t tell me how to spend my money. I want an America where all US citizens have a livable Universal Basic Income unconditionally (also happens to fix the illegal immigration issue BTW). I want same sex marriage to have equal rights. Seat belts? Who needs them? Obviously I do, but it shouldn’t be legally required. I want an America where we the people spend their own money on healthcare instead of profiteering insurance companies. People know how best to spend their own money best. Drugs anyone? All legal to adults. Drugs while driving under the influence? Obviously infringing on my rights, so no. Medicare? Gone. Social Security? Gone. Welfare? Gone. Insurance companies? Gone.

If anyone has any thoughts, please enlighten me. I just don’t see Democrats or Republicans as the answer.

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@Bradford It sounds to me that you are most closely aligned as a Classic Liberal. This is distinctly different than the modern liberal, and most closely resembles the Bill Buckley/Ronald Reagan brand of modern Conservatism, which is unfortunately quite different than the brand of conservatism we have today.

But there are some inconsistencies in your thought. You want people to do whatever they want as long as it doesn’t hurt any one else. How about abortion? There are certainly others who are injured (or killed) by the decision the mother makes. How about marijuana or alcohol? Tell the mother of the child run over by an intoxicated person that he only hurt himself. It can even get as dicey as religious bakers refusing to make a cake for a same sex wedding. Who has the more important right? Understand that these are just examples of the inconsistencies and not but own personal viewpoints on these questions.

I encourage you to read from the von Mises Institute online library.


It’s a political philosophy based in economic freedom that also deals with how to rationally approach social issues.

Happy learning!

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I believe that a person has the right to an abortion as long as it doesn’t affect the child. Wait what? What I mean is, what is a person? That would obviously be a debated (and is debated). The point in which a sac of cells becomes a person is the real question.

A person should be able to do so as they see fit… Unless it’s behind the wheel (or other circumstance which would endanger me and infringe on my personal freedom to live).

Same sex couples should be guaranteed all federal rights equally. A baker’s personal decision to refuse a cake is his own to make.

I will definitely look into the link. Thanks!

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As far as I can tell, you’re a “deplorable”.

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You also might be a social justice warrior

Lol… Also, I don’t appreciate you labeling me as that. Happy birthday.