What Do You Do With Yourself During Sick Days?


i am home sick. some version of the Flu, but without the fever. aches, pains, hot, cold, no appitite, and a little nausea thrown in (why not ? :wink: ).

its wednesday and i have been ill since this past saturday. i can barely get out of bed, much less my PJs. my husband is taking tremendous care of me, so i am very lucky in that regard. (i even got a great back rub just out of pity.)

before i KNEW i was sick, my BGs were shooting up in the high 200s and 300s. i couldnt figure it out. at that point i didnt feel sick yet. i kept doing correction boluses, and they would wok for about 1/2 hour, but then my BG would shoot up again. finally, i started putting myself on an elevated TB (120%, then 130%, then, and finally, 140% ) so at 140% my BGs came back into target range. phew.

but i am bored silly. i need to do mindless things while i am not nodding off in bed. reading FUD posts, Ebay, Binge Watching TV shows, steaming hot showers…blah blah blah…

what do you do for yourself when you are home bound and sick? i need some suggestions!! I just cant take it anymore.

(and what really sucks is that i am not able to be in the pool swimming!)

please please please chime in. all experiences and suggestions appreciated.

thanks, DM

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It’s super cheesy but I watch noirish detective shows – usually either Scandinavian or British. I also make honey-lemon-cayenne-pepper tea and take warm showers.

I also enjoy reading books for my book club.

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If you haven’t watched Altered Carbon, and you are a Sci-Fi fan, then Netflix here you come!

If you are impatient, trust me, it starts making sense after the third episode.

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i happen to be a NETFLIX addict. sad but true. cant be helped. :wink:

Ditto on Netflix binging. A good book is always a plus too. (No judgement in its format… e-book or good old paper is fine). Crossword puzzles are a must…with the understanding that one may doze off, leaving an ink trail on a blankie, oneself, the bed, or the couch :smirk:

Hope you get to feeling better!


I sleep as much as I can and, if that doesn’t work, binge watch things I haven’t had time to catch up on yet.

ETA: I also love to listen to Podcasts, Ted Talks or audiobooks (since I typically don’t feel like reading when I’m sick).

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yes! Finally dusted off my NYT crossword puzzle membership; it’s been such a fun way to spend an evening when NETFLIX is just too much vegetable-time.