A flatline with the flu?!


Ok, not an actual flatline, but I’m SUPER proud of my numbers over the last day or two. I have the flu and am using 200% basal and doubling boluses for meals then sugar surfing along the way. Last month with the stomach bug I was totally unprepared on sick days and was scared to use the much higher temp basals like 200% so I was stuck above 200 all day. This looks and feels a lot better for a sick day regimen :slight_smile:



That is indeed a good job! Be proud of yourself, and hopefully you are getting enough rest to heal from it quickly



Great job and hope you feel well soon!

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Looks stellar to me! I have no experience with managing diabetes while having the flu, but I imagine it must be quite a challenge.



Just getting over the flu myself, @LarissaW. Guess who didn’t have a flat line? :smiley: I would’ve been impressed anyway, but having just been doing my own zigzagging, and quite a bit of it, I’m in awe. Nice work. I’m coming to your house next time. :smiley:

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