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Hi @kellykoenig512, great to read you are joining the community! I really look forward to reading some of your posts.


@cardamom, this is a weird and kinda funny situation: @sam is alluding to a very old situation, about 2 years ago, where someone was making very strong statements against statins without very good reasons. I think your reasons are plenty good, and I am sure that there are many people for whom there are good reasons to take statins. I know I am speaking for him and I shouldn’t… I think @Sam’s focusing on that specific past situation, and on the many people who are so hard on statins for no good reason.

I am over 50, I do take statins because the balance of pros and cons works for me. I encourage people to take statins if they don’t meet any of their significant drawbacks of these drugs. But it is also clear to me that, for some people, they are not the right drugs!

The main point, I think, is that it should not be a religious war, against or for statins, but one analysis where the right balance of reasons leads you to a good choice :slight_smile:


Full disclosure, have been on statins since my mid-30’s due to rampant and un-resolvable hypercholesterolemia.

In my opinion, no one should ever start a war for or against a technology or a drug. No one has identical risk factors, and that is why everyone should learn what they can, interact with their physicians and make an informed and correct choice for their personal situation.

Of course, that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t have opinions, but rather we can’t support personal crusades here.


Unless it’s a war with your insurance :wink:


Unfortunately, most everyone here has had to fight one of these from time to time. Agreed.


Thank you so much for add…



Thanks so much for the welcome


Hi, everyone, I’m just checking in. I am a T1 aged 75, diagnosed 47 years ago. I keep in shape with bicycle riding and weight workouts. I run the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute (https://helmets.org) Have been pumping since about the turn of the century, currently on an Animas (remember them?) Vibe and considering a Tandem next. Currently on the Dexcom G5 with a G6 in the mail. I keep track with xDrip+ and a Sony Smartwatch 3. That combination bought my a1C down from over 9 to 7.8. I use under 30 units of Novolog per day, and take no other meds since statins caused me memory loss. My icon came from a trip to Disneyland. Glad to hear from anybody.


Welcome @Randy! We have quite a few old-timers here so you’ll fit right in.


Welcome @Randy, glad you found our corner of the internet and look forward to your contributions. 47 years with Type 1 is quite an achievement. Glad the technology is working for you. We really like the G6, especially in combination with the Tandem pump which we absolutely love.

Please note, there are a bunch of happy Omnipodders, but just under the surface there are bunch of us “old school” tethered pumpers around here.


Welcome Randy. Another old timer here, just under 54 years. Been pumping with Medtronic 22 years, and dexcom for 11, still on G4. Thinking Tandem with G6 will be next.


Hi @Randy! Welcome! :hugs:


Hi @Randy. Welcome to FUD! I’m only 66 but was also diagnosed 47 years ago. Similar situation with the G6, I just put on my last G5 sensor, so we can start the G6 together.

Glad your doing well with xDrip+ and the SSW3. Do you use the watch as the collector? It brings a new dimension to control. Don’t know if you want your A1c lower. My doc had me bump it up from 5.6-5.8 to 6.4 after I had a stroke nine months ago.

Hope to hear a lot more from you!


@PerfectHorse FWIW, there is another D blog similarly named but not as interesting that has a poster who advocates about statins similar to you. This year he had a serious scare as he now has coronary artery disease, something noone.ever wishes for. You might enjoy reading his posts on TUD both before diagnosis and after. It has been eye opener for many.

I wish you well in whatever decision you make.


Doc, I got my G6’s today, but have some G5’s to use first, so you will be the leader.

I am using the Sony watch as the collector. It works better than my Huawei Ascend Mate phone did. Capture is 93% at the moment. Glad the watch has the ability to act as collector and relay to the phone. I can even shut off alarms using the watch, and don’t have to take the phone out. And for some reason the watch battery is lasting longer. I had tried this setup before, but probably did not wait long enough for everything to percolate through.


Thanks @elver. I will check that thread out as food for thought.


@Randy That’s exactly the reason I got the SSW3. My Samsung Note 4 wouldn’t work with xDrip+ and the app looked so good that I got the watch right away. It worked from the get go and I can’t imagine doing it any other way.

I get about a full day from my watch battery, but the battery is just about shot after 2 years. I did have the foresight to buy an extra watch at the time so I should be ok for a few years.


Hi my name is Henrik. I am a type 1 diabetic for the last 11 years. I manage with Novorapid and Tresiba. I currently use the Freestyle Libre sensor and it has really been helpful in helping me monitor my levels, which was previously difficult being a chef, constantly tasting and working with y hands. I am Swedish but currently live in Dubai and I am relocating to Korea in March 2019.


Welcome! And Happy New Year! Sounds like yours will be an exciting one!


Welcome @Randy and @Henrik!! Glad that you’ve joined the group.