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Thank you for your reply. I have been reading about CGM (just read reviews about Dexcom G6) and it’s definitely something we’d like to try but unfortunately, the cost has kept us at bay. I’m stuck with a high deductible insurance plan and have been looking at $3K - $4K in insulin costs for a 90 day supply until recently when I found information online and on this website about purchasing in Canada. I recently ordered online but can only get three vials at a time. I’m thinking about heading up there and stocking up with whatever I can. We’re scheduled to take a “pump class” from his endo in September but I have to figure out what the out of pocket costs will be. My guess is the news won’t be good. I feel like we tread water and it’s just frustrating how out of control US medication costs are.


The CGM has been lifechanging for us. However, the most important part was my son seeing how different foods and activities affect him. The second most impactful was the alarms to wake up when he is low at night. These alarms are a mixed blessing however, since sleep gets compromised.

If you were trying to stretch a dollar, get a few used transmitters, have the batteries replaced, and for us each sensor can be stretched to 14-21 days, so you can get by for very little money. If you only ran it for 3 months a year, you would still get most of the benefit for very little cost, i.e. hundreds instead of thousands.

If the battery replacement thing seems too much, then just buy one transmitter and use Xdrip+, you can get almost 6 months out of the G5 transmitter. See @Doc’s results.


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The Freestyle Libre cgm is a lot more affordable than Dexcom, and a few people have posted threads on here describing their success with it. The main difference between the Libre and the Dexcom is that the Libre doesn’t alarm. It can still be really helpful though, as Chris pointed out.

I think there’s an additional device you can buy that enables alarms- the Nightrider. I don’t know much about that though.


Welcome @fortyonesthemike! You’ll find lots of helpful advice and people to steer you in the right direction :rowing_man:

As @Katers87 said, the Libre is awesome… awesomely affordable, that is… doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of other CGM systems, but lots of data that will provide insight to meals, night time issues, and identification of particular trends that need addressing. I love it, don’t use it as my ‘main’ CGM anymore but use it as my second ‘verifier’ (I wear both the Libre sensors as well as the Guardian sensors for my Medtronic 670G pump/ CGM at the same time). Insurance hasn’t balked about it and neither does my CDE. She knows what I’m up to :rofl:

At any rate, enjoy the site and CHEERS!


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I think I saw someone else mention the Libre, but I’ll add that I wear it as my second sensor, a backup to my Guardian, and although it sometimes reads a little on the high end, it is as good, if not BETTER than my guardian. I pay $75/month. As far as maintenance, it’s a dream come true with no calibrations and being able to plug in the reader at any time. I still do finger sticks, and kind of a lot, but that’s only because I’m crazy. :grin:

Anyway, this is a great group, and if there’s a place where you might find some great tips on managing blood sugar, this is it. Ask lots of questions, and put them to work. :grin:


This is absolutely amazing and quite an indictment of the Medtronic CGM, that people find it highly beneficial to wear a second company’s sensor to compensate for shortcomings of the Medtronic Guardian. Wow.


Mind blowing, and annoying, too, no?



Yeeeaah. The Libre is typically almost spot-on within 4 points or so, (unless BG’S are rapidly changing) of my meter. Guardian has been off as much as 80 points. I umderstand it could be due to sensor placement, hydration level, etc… but still. Soooooooo :blush:


Wow. I was just poking around and I discovered I had accidentally muted this and one other topic.

So WELCOME to everyone who’s joined in the last six months or so. I wasn’t being rude. Honest.


Ok I may have hit wrong buttons and opps flagged someone looking for reply button on this site. Hi I’m Angela Jane I have been living and doing life with insulin since 1993. So far along the way had healthy baby, worked city parks, was state park worker and now camera photographer and my own newsletter editor and road trip crew leader as well as mascot handler. Hello everyone. I am a handcrafted too. Angela Jane reporting :beetle:


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Welcome @AngelaJane! I hope you can share some of your photography with us as well as your experience.


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Welcome @AngelaJane, we newbies are looking forward to your contributions. 1993 is a good long time.


Hey everyone,

I just stumbled onto this site by chance. Looks like a nice place to hang out. I’m a civil engineer and have a variety of interests (besides diabetes!) to keep me busy: homebrewing, hunting, fishing, strength training, running kiddos to activities, etc etc.

I’ve been a T1 since diagnosis at age 28, 14 years ago. I’ve been on MDI with Lantus and Humalog since the beginning, though in recent years I’ve used Humalog and Regular approximately equally for bolus, and Levemir for basal. No CGM or pump. It has been quite an education since diagnosis!


Welcome, @mike_g! I’m a newbie, too, but I apparently talk a lot! :slight_smile: It’s a GREAT group who has helped me a LOT!


Welcome @mike_g ! If you have interest in learning about every basal routine there is, you’ve come to the right place. I think that although we have a fairly good contingent of MDIers in our group, most of the members seem to be pumpers. Also, we have members who use everything from R to Tresiba, and everything in between. Whatever keeps you in control!


Hey @mike_g, looking forward to hearing more about your use of R. I am part of the parent contingent on here, that lives with diabetes but doesn’t have it.

Now your hobbies sound awesome, I used to all grain brew a mean honey stout, and my son is learning how to bowhunt, so i am the cook in camp when he goes out with the real hunters and tries to bag a deer with a bow.

We are almost done with the running kiddo’s to events, my youngest gets his license next year, so that will be nice.


Welcome @mike_g

I am a pumper but my 2 year old is an MDIer so I have both covered :slight_smile: