Welcome, introduce yourself here!

Woohoo, Rose is back in the house!


Hey Rose!!! Great to see you here.


Yay! I was PMing people about you to make sure you were coming!!! :smiley::grin:

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get out! i am in Sevilla! It is a great place to live weather, barring summer months, and food-wise, though no beach! when are you thinking of coming?


We are talking June 2018. We are hesitating between Cordoba, Granada and Sevilla :slight_smile: The big issues for us to tackle are my son’s school (where he would go and how to deal with getting into a Spanish school – he is 12 right now), and, of, course, his diabetes treatment in Spain.

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My wife and I are not dog people but we’ve discussed later in life getting an Irish wolfhound. They are such beautiful and majestic creatures.

Hi, my name is Daisy Mae. i live in Bklyn NY. i am adopted and have 2 younger sisters who are also adopted (from different families). my mom and dad are great, but b/c of my adoption i know nothing about my familial health tree. there are no other Ds in my life other than those of you who i have connected with on this and other sites. and after 30+ years of living with D, my family still does not understand the difference between T1 and T2. they are constantly sending me info on D in the mail, but it always refers to T2 which is of no help whatsoever :wink: but, my wonderful husband of over 25 years has been learning about my T1D ever since i went on the pump ( about 16 years ago); he knows all the lingo, all the diet stuff, carb counting, dual bolusing, pump sites, rotations, etc… but if i should go low, he still panics and tries to pump me full of juice and ice cream and chocolate. (if i listened to him i might go from a 30BG to a 300BG in a matter of minutes.

so, i took my husband to meet with my D Ed so that he could learn when to keep his mouth closed and when to open it. my D Ed is the wife of a T1 D and she was very sympathetic to my husbands panic reactions, so once they got to speaking, my husband was no longer feeling isolated and afraid and learned a lot.


Hi Daisy Mae, what a great story! So glad you joined!

Same here :slight_smile:

Same here :slight_smile: Every few days my mom sends something about diabetes for my son, that it typically highly irrelevant… The worst, of course, are the press releases about cardamon or cinnamon curing diabetes…

Maybe you could suggest he join here? There are quite a few spouses on this community.

Welcome @daisymae !

It’s really not that unusual to never have met other T1’s. As a dentist I’ve had several T1 patients over the past forty years, but if not for them I would never have met a real live T1 in person!

And my wonderful mom was pushing cinnamon on me 45 years ago!

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PS: i forgot to mention that i am 53 years old. also, my husband used to be an Elite Marathon runner, and, as he is not D, he would eat and eat and eat and carbo load. i had this enormous resentment b/c, as i am certain that you may understand this type of situation, i could do nothing but sit and watch him eat without any consequences nor put any thought into managing any carbs or whether or not to calculate a dual bolus, etc. i feel like i have to be a neuclear physicist sometimes just to get a new food group/meal to not spike or go crazy low. (for this reason, i tend to frequent the same restaurants and order the same exact meals b/c i have had the experience of learning exactly how to bolus for that type of food. if there is a food that i like tremendously, i will experiment and experiement until i get the formula just right, or close to it, so that i can enjoy eating it whenever i feel like it w/out worrying whether i will sink or swim.)

there is so much more, but i doubt it will interest anyone, so i will end here. thank you all for your warm welcome to this site. it has already been enormously helpful.


i swim so i cant exactly wear warm gloves, but my hands yet so cold from being in the pool that i have the exact same problem getting a substantial blood drop out of my finger tip when i jump out of the pool to test. what a PITA :blush:


Hello! Thanks so much for the invitation to join! I am Jessica, Type 1 for almost 25 years. Diagnosed at age 20 as a junior in college. I am from the midwest, but have lived in New England for 21 years. Currently live just outside Boston (can throw a stone from my home into the city) with my husband and two daughters. I’ve always been MDI (humalog/lantus), with two very brief excursions during pregnancy with trials on the insulin pump (it was not for me). I’ve kept my eye on CGM technology and as soon as it becomes a bit more foolproof and insurance coverage is a no-brainer, I will likely jump on board. A1c is consistently at 7.1, which is comfortable for me with the lifestyle we lead right now. When I was pregnant A1c was 4.9 to low 5s, but always teetering on lows, which was scary.

I was a very light poster on the tuDiabetes board (mostly in the area of blood sugar management during exercise - I am a tennis nut!) and got some great information from Eric, which led me to this forum. I am in the middle of a thyroid “crisis” and will be diagnosed with either Graves’ disease or deQuervain’s subacute thyroiditis tomorrow. Bloodwork is leaning toward thyroiditis and my fingers are crossed. I did the radioactive iodine test at the end of the week, though, and will get definitive results tomorrow. I’ve felt miserable for the past few weeks - so frustrating, especially when New England (brief!) spring is arriving!

My diabetes care right now is managed by me (I will always consider myself the captain of my medical team!) and my primary care physician. Like many of you, I also have a close group of fellow diabetics, in my case type 1 moms that I met online when I was preparing to get pregnant with my eldest (she is 13)! I have also found that our tribe is so, so helpful in figuring out all things diabetes.

I am looking forward to getting to getting to know everyone here! Thanks so much for including me! Jessica


Hey Jessica!
Glad you could join us!

I hope your diagnosis is favorable. Let us know how it turns out.

Whenever you are ready, let’s get going on the exercise page and talk about how to handle tennis. :wink:

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Hi @JessicaD. Welcome aboard!
I was also diagnosed around the same age, just twenty years earlier. I’ve also been on MDI since MDI has been around, never really interested in a pump.

CGM is a real game changer. It will get you from 7.1 to 6.5 or less without any lifestyle changes. (unless you test now a couple hundred times a day :cheeky:). I’ve been using a Dexcom for eleven years non-stop and could not imagine being without it.


Jessica, great to see you join us!

:frowning: Keeping our fingers crossed for you. My 12-yr-old T1D son has thyroid antibodies, so will likely face this challenge eventually (Hashimoto’s?).

Love to see how you write this! Relationships with endos/ PCPs are a bit of a sore spot for many of us here.

Great! You are luckier than us. We don’t have anyone here (we live in the country).

It just occurs to me that there is an interesting question on pregnancy prep right now: https://forum.fudiabetes.org/t/what-did-you-do-differently-when-trying-for-pregnancy/908. Maybe you’d consider giving your thoughts?

Welcome to FUDiabetes!

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Welcome @JessicaD !!!

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Nice to meet you and welcome @JessicaD!

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Welcome, @JessicaD!

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If your son doesnt speak spanish, there are english schools (with a UK curriculum) and in selville there is a lycee frances. I dont know how good they are and they are private. the public school system here is, unfortunately, a mess, with focus very much on exams. like all the time. i am a teacher and worked in the system for a couple of years. they wanted me to give exams to first graders, it was all a bit much. but hey, if its only for a year, the experience would be worth it.
i dont know about how D treatment would be with regards socialized medicine. i would come with everything you could if i were you. i get 3 strips a day on it, but i had a primary student with t1d and he got 6 strips a day.
i lived in cordoba for 4 years and i have been in sevilla for 5. granada ive never lived in but supposed to be a bit hippy-er. andalucia is a great place to live. summer is coming now, which isnt so great-hot as hell-but cheap and cheerful and beautiful!!
let me know sooner to the date if youre coming. if you are thinking of coming in summer, id get a beach house on the coast or a place in the mountains for the summer. you dont want to be here in sevilla or any of the inland andalucian cities in the summer. they are empty and boiling!

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Hello all,

I’m 28 and have had T1 for nearly 7 years. Diabetes has never liked to stay in one place for long; I have had to change my carb ratios and basal rates very frequently for no discernible reason. For a few years I tried to do the MDI schtick, 4 tests a day, but things got worse and worse and eventually burst at the seams. It took me a long time to recover, and I encountered resistance from medical professionals towards most of the tools that work for me.

I’m now I’m on a pump, CGM, and Afrezza. Before Afrezza I used intramuscular injections for rapid-acting boluses. I use a combination of sugar surfing and a more traditional “predictive” approach depending on what I am doing and how my diabetes is behaving. I have developed a smartphone and smartwatch app to show me CGM readings in the way that works best for me.

Occasionally diabetes would do very odd things—for instance, not requiring any basal from say 10am to 10pm for a few months. Recently my endo thought to have me tested for anti-insulin antibodies, and the result came back “very high”. In certain cases these antibodies attach themselves to insulin molecules, rendering them inert for several hours until they break off again; the net result is that boluses get stretched out over a much longer time period than they should. I am pretty confident that this only happens some of the time, leading to some very frustrating effects. Afrezza is a godsend with this.

I hope my experience can help others who are struggling!