Walgreen's Pharmacy

Has anyone else with both primary and secondary insurance experienced their pharmacy constantly resetting which is primary. I have Medicare (primary) and Tricare for Life (secondary) (TFL - retired military). Walgreens continually resets my primary insurance to TFL, which is secondary, or their people don’t know how set it up. I needed to get more test strips this week and entered a refill with the local store. They said they’d have to order the 100 strip boxes (how the script was written, I’ll try to fix that) and it would take two days. I waited the 2 days, went in, and was told the strips hadn’t come in, I’d have to wait. I noticed the 35 and 70 strip boxes for the same strips on the shelf, but they said they couldn’t use those because the script was for 100/box (I know, the logic is terrible, they’re the exact same strips). My wife asked about other local stores; the clerk/pharmacist checked and a store 3 miles away had the 100 strip box, they called/confirmed availability, told me it would be ready in 30 minutes. On the way, the clerk at the new store said TFL wanted a pre-authorization (note: the other store didn’t run into this problem!). Having gone thru this before, I advised Medicare was primary TFL was secondary, Medicare would cover them and TFL would pick up anything left over. The lady advised the Walgreens system reset the primary insurance whenever a script was transferred store-to-store, it was known bug in their system (if so, its been there for at least two years!) and she’d try re-setting the re-set. While grateful to her, I’m frankly tired of Walgreens’ system (presuming it isn’t a people issue) screwing it up every time I fill a script. It then depends on the clerk/pharmacist if it will be argument or if they’ll listen. Also, the store-to-store transfer is NOT the problem, I’ve had the same problem using the same store! Anyone else have this issue? If so, can you please file a complaint through Walgreens’ online site? Perhaps if enough of us complain, they’ll finally fix it!

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