Waffle wha?!? 🤔

I got a new waffle iron. The old one met an unfortunate demise after 25 years. :frowning_face:

So I wanted to condition the new iron, and then make some waffles to eat. :yum:

The box has the directions. Add 1 1/2 cups of mix.

And then to make a waffle, you add 2/3 cups of batter

And then a serving size is 1/3 cup of mix, and 1/2 a 7" waffle…

So 1/2 a waffle is made up of a 1/3 cup of batter, and a serving size is supposedly 1/3 cup of mix. 1 1/2 cups of mix makes about 2 1/2 waffles, which is allegedly equal to 5 servings (I have no idea on what planet half a waffle is a serving. :roll_eyes:). And each serving of 1/2 a waffle has 30 grams…

I guess they are saying “mix” instead of “batter” on the nutrition label.

This is exactly why I don’t use a bolus calculator or enter carbs on my pump!

I ended up eating 2 waffles, the first with sugar syrup and the second with sugar-free syrup. Just kinda looked at it and decided on an amount of insulin. Deciphering the carb math on the box of waffle mix wasn’t something I was going to do when there were a few waffles ready to be eaten!

But the waffles were phenomenal, which is all that mattered. :grinning:


Hey, don’t blame them for waffling!


Thanks for ironing that out for me!


Milk also has 13 grams of carbohydrates per 8oz, so you might still have a little more math to do…you could also try almond flour and unsweetened almond milk for lower carbs, but I found mixing almond and regular will give you better waffles…at least this way 1 waffle will be closer to 30 grams of carbs

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Not to be a negative nelly, but honestly, make your own batter. There is no mix that is all that tasty, and while a good waffle iron will make a tasty waffle from a mix, it will make a phenomenal waffle from a homemade buttermilk batter! Plus you would know the carbs, only downside is you might not be able to stop at 2.


This reminds me of the “Moon Pies” treat you see at the supermarket checkout line. I remember how much I enjoted them as a kid- what a treat. But only after becoming diabetic did I look at the label. Remember, we are looking at a 3-inch diameter Moon Pie that will be gone in three bites. “Servings: 2”.

Who the h^^ is going to eat a half of a Moon Pie?


They have apparently fixed that problem, but wow, 39g of carbs in three bites. That is impressive, although my memory of their taste says I can probably find a better carb/bite enjoyment factor somewhat easily.


I’d recommend making an educated guess based on 40+ years of experience with the first waffle… then if it’s not enough take more next time. If it’s too much, take less. Carb counting is highly overrated imo.


On the other hand, if you carb count fairly accurately, then you don’t have to experiment, and experiment again, and maybe again and again and again, till you land on the best dose. You’ve got it from waffle No. 1.

First time I made the waffles in the Joy of Cooking, the carb count came to 200 (not including the eggs). At the time my iron made 6 waffles with this batter, and bolusing for 33 g per waffle never failed me. With the iron I have now I get 9 waffles, and bolusing for 22 g each has never failed me either. No going-too-low/going-too-high experiments needed.


Maybe I’m just not that intuitive, but as a scientist and nutritionist (animal), everything we do is based on math. Carb counting makes perfect sense to me, and I HAVE to have my gram scale to weigh everything. :laughing: I weigh apples etc. Portion size can also be determined by Carb counting. It makes sense :hugs: