Urban Shelf

I’ve been eyeing this thing for years but finally splurged on the $20 it took to buy it (cheaper in the US, I’m sure).

I don’t have night table, so all my low stuff stays on my dresser, my Dexcom receiver goes under my pillow, and my phone goes beside my pillow. I’ve speculated for some time that this arrangement may be a big part of my problem with treating lows at night.

So I bought this product to create a small shelf attached to my bed:

I used it last night and it worked great. It has a rim around it that helpfully stops the Dexcom and other things from falling off when I reach for them in the dark.The Dexcom alarming against the plastic is also much louder than it alarming under my pillow. And I can easily bring this this travelling. That wwill make sure my Dexcom and low supplies are right there literally next to me rather than having to fumble about in hotels that sometimes have the nightstand or desk some ways from the bed.

It is not what I would call pretty, but I’ve never cared about such things (I got the black, too, and I think white would look better). Definitely functional!


It is $15.99 in the good ole U S of A.

If anyone has a 3D printer, you could probably design and print one up for $2.00

Weird. So it’s actually more expensive in the US, even though it’s made in the US… I paid $19.49 CAD which is $14.91 USD.

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@Jen this is brilliant! I am so glad that you found a simple solution to not having a bedside table.

The noise factor alone I think will be a really big help – we find that if EH puts his devices in the bed, he doesn’t hear alarms nearly as well.

My dream is to have a headboard with the shelf behind it, so we can both reach out and grab the stuff without having to get up. :slight_smile:

Also, happy cakeday! You contribute so many valuable things here on a FUD, I am thankful that you joined up.


I have seen some 3d models for bed shelves on thingiverse! Except my 3d printer only has a 12cm x 12cm bed so it’d be a pretty tiny shelf… I guess big enough for a phone, receiver, or meter though.

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