What to use to wake a person that’s hard of hearing when having a low

So my wife is hard of hearing (wears hearing aids) and does not wake up to her alarms on her phone going of, so interested in what y’all use for heavy sleepers or hard of hearing people. After trying several things I’m at my whits end. Thanks


Welcome, @Mtmcattle!

We use Sugarmate which offers the ability to receive a phone call which I still hear. I no longer hear regular alerts but do wake up to a phone call. If that won’t work have you considered bed shakers and the like? Lots of IFTTT contraptions that may help.


Well she can’t hear alerts or calls. I’m looking for something like a bed shaker that will plug into the phone or syncs to it.

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I use a fitbit watch that vibrates. Do you think she would respond to that?.
I use xDrip on android phone, that enables this setup for me.

There may be other watches that can do same.

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There are some threads on these forums from the past that cover some ideas.

You should do a search for bed shakers!

Several others exist also.


@Mtmcattle I am in your wife’s predicament (I wear hearing aids, otherwise I’m stone deaf) and I use a sugarpixel cgm display which has a bedshaker with randem patterns.

It’s worked well for me so far. The clock face is a cgm display which is large enough to see without glasses.



Cool solution.

It works well. and when I work outdoors in my tiny little yard, I put the SugarPixel in the window so I can keep track of my BGs. My spouse is able to just glance at it for peace of mind, which keeps everything calmer on the homefront.