Unreported blood sugar lows with G6

As others have reported, I’m having consistent sensor failures (never lasts 10 days, signal loss, etc.). In addition to these problems, I’ve also been experiencing low blood sugars that produced no warnings/alarms from my G6. I’ve spoke to another user who also experienced a night time low that didn’t sound an alarm. Is anyone else having this problem? I’m losing all confidence in this product.

I’m on my second G6 sensor and so far, fingers crossed, i haven’t experienced that. Sensors have lasted 10 days, very accurate, and no failures. But I know some have not had the same experience as me. Hope they get it figured out.


@Coco I haven’t seen that, but I do notice a notification occasionally on the receiver to test the alarm. You might want to do that.

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I have not experienced that personally… is it that the G6 is not detecting a low (CGM is reading higher despite fingersticks showing a low) or that the G6 is detecting a low but not alerting you?

If it is the latter I might suggest trying to adjust your alert settings

The G6 isn’t detecting the low at all. Alarm settings are set such that it should have sound. Also, the urgent low alarm is one that can’t be silenced.

What was the Dexcom cgm reading at the time which you had the low? Did you verify the low with a meter (and what specific BG reading did the meter show) or was it physical symptoms?

Don’t read this as “not believing you” - this is only troubleshooting.

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Hi @Coco! I’m sorry you feel like the Dexcom isn’t working for you! That must be really frustrating, especially at night.

I was also wanting to ask you about what the Dexcom was reading. Like, did it say you were at 90 when, by fingerstick and feeling you were actually at 60? So it didn’t alarm because it thought you were in the “normal” range?

There is a fairly big variance which they allow, and somebody else would have to remember what that was because I have forgotten. Within x number of points if high and x percentage if low.

I would also call Dexcom Support and try to get some information out of them about what you’ve been experiencing. They’re generally quite helpful.

For those who are reporting G6 dropouts and low bg notification problems, I wonder if this is limited to the G6 Receiver or the problem also exists in XDrip.


The 20/20 rule is the following: If the meter shows 80 or less, CGM should read within ± 20 points. If the meter shows 80 or above, the CGM should read ± 20%.
Example: a 202 mg/dL sensor reading and a 188 mg/dL glucose meter value = a 7% difference (this is still considered accurate).


The 30/30 rule is the following: If the meter shows less than 70, CGM should read within ± 30 points. If the meter shows 70 and above, the CGM should read ± 30%.
Example: a 202 mg/dL sensor reading and a 188 mg/dL glucose meter value = a 7% difference (this is still considered accurate).

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@Coco, I don’t think anyone has asked you: do you use the Dexcom receiver to get the alarms, the Dexcom app, or a 3rd party app? And are you using an iPhone or an Android phone if you are using an app?

Your alarm and your low sensor duration are separate issues, of course. Don’t get discouraged: while there are difficulties with every CGM, there is nothing better than Dexcom. I am sure your problems can be solved.