Ultrafast-acting form of insulin developed by Stanford researchers

I saw this post on FB by ‎Scott Paradis‎ to CGMitC Off Topic #T1DIY with link to Ultrafast-acting form of insulin developed by Stanford researchers

It says "90% of peak activity only 5-minutes after injection. "! Still in research stage though.

And here is a bit more details on how it works.



Using diabetic pigs to model the effect of the drug,

In the old days we used pig and cow insulin. And now pigs are helping yet again.


Yes, I thought the same about the diabetic pigs. Well, I hope they continue to do well on this new insulin!


I read the link on the details, and this struck me as kinda neat.

I posted this idea in a lounge thread (January 2019). I mentioned the idea of a “fragile insulin”, with the idea that it would have a shorter duration.

This less stable (fragile insulin!!) monomer insulin that Stanford is working on, would also certainly have a shorter duration.


Cool stuff, but I think they still have a ways to go, not just in testing:

“Stress tests showed this new formulation remained stable for up to 24 hours”


Wow, I missed your posts on fragile insulin, @Eric, back in 2019!

@Chris, I hope it can be done faster than they expect!


24 hours sounds bad, but commercially-available fast-acting insulins only made it to 10 hours on that test. So 24 hours is actually amazing. The real breakthrough with this is the polymer additive that enabled the monomer insulin to be possible. It can also be used on other insulins to increase their stability.


The second link has much more information than the first. Seems very cool if they commercialize it.

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I read the 24 hours part as bad at first as well.

I think the stress test is more like, how effective after x.x hours at x.xx degees. Or how long in an open environment to the air.
Not how long it will last in our system.
It shows that the monomer will be in and acting a lot quicker, but OUT a lot quicker as well. Which is huge! for us.