Type 1 and pregnancy

I just had my first baby a few months ago after a decade with type 1, and look forward to more! I have contributed to a recent book about type 1 and pregnancy and working on my own based on a low-carb approach. I am here if anyone wants to chat :slight_smile:


Right on… I just wanted to throw this out there that my wife is an IBCLC (among many other acronyms that follow her name) and although she’s not practicing in that field currently, I’ve convinced her to offer free consults to any D moms on this forum who have any questions or concerns in that area bc just like anything else in life it’s more complicated with D sometimes…

ETA-- to clarify; private online consults via skype / phone, whatever, that is… not “on this forum”

Any such inquiries can be pm’d to @anon15668421 and 100% private arrangements can be made


Maria, would you mind sharing the name of the book with us?

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Of course! I contributed my story to this book when I was about 25 weeks along: https://www.amazon.com/Pregnancy-Type-Diabetes-Month-Month/dp/1544267347

It just became available. I am in the very early stages of putting together the one that talks about implementing a low carb lifestyle for bg manegement during pregnancy.


That is really awesome!

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@Michel @Sam @walkingthedragon88

Too old to have kids but when reading this post it just hit me what a large group of degreed and/or experienced experts we have on this site, all willing to help, even at this early stage.

This site is truly destined to be the ultimate D community on the interwebs. I am truly honored and proud to be a small part of it.