Resources for managing diabetes during pregnancy

Currently, there are several books available for planning (and undergoing) pregnancy with diabetes. Cheryl Alkon has a good book called “Balancing Pregnancy with Pre-existing Diabetes”. Another resource that recently arrived on the scene is by Ginger Vieira and Jenny Smith called “Pregnancy with Type 1 Diabetes”. I am in the early stages of writing up a book about employing a low carb diet during pregnancy with diabetes. Any others? I don’t think there are many resources; in fact, before I became pregnant, I found the most information reading blogs I found on Google…

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Have you seen this list?

I’d add the books you’ve mentioned there. Reviews would be great, too! Perhaps here?

(Note: I suggested both the pregnancy books currently listed along with the Phinney and Volek books.)

Sharing a list of your favorite blogs would be great, too…

When I click on your link I get the “don’t have access to the topic” message :thinking:

Perhaps this link? DiaBibles (Books to Help us on This Journey)

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Thanks, @Irish! :slight_smile: