Tslim "all deliveries stopped" issues

Samson’s been on the Tslim now for more than a year, and overall it’s been good but lately we’ve been having some major issues and I’m not sure if it’s a pump issue or something else.

Basically, he’ll go super high overnight because his pump will say “all deliveries stopped.” This doesn’t happen all the time, just sometimes. It doesn’t say anything like “occlusion alarm” and I am not sure how it happens, because it’s when he’s asleep.

Is this some kind of mechanical or software issue with the Tslim? I would call into the company but I’m worried it’ll be hard to pinpoint or recreate, given that it doesn’t happen all the time. Or maybe it’s some kind of tubing or bubble malfunction or something?

The problem is bad enough that at least once every week or two, I’ll either have to wake up in the middle of the night (sometimes twice) to change his site or if I somehow sleep through his alarms, Samson will wake up with ketones. I’m even debating doing an untethered approach for his pump because I am scared I’ll sleep through his alarms one time and something serious could happen.

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Call Tandem. This isn’t something to “just live with.”

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Have you heard of something like this happening? Is it some known bug?

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No. I’m just reacting to a report of a pump that suspends itself and stays suspended despite hyperglycemia. I’d call that an unacceptable failure, and I’d hope that Tandem would either replace the pump or give very clear instructions on how to prevent that.


I got this warning, “all deliveries stopped” 2 days ago shortly after starting a new set. I place the sets with the tube and disconnect facing the front. What caused this issue for me was I pulled the tubing rather tight. Evidently is caused a kink where the tube enters the part at the end of the tubing. I gave a bit more slack and the trouble cleared.

I don’t know if this makes sense. I wish I could be more clear.

I read somewhere that even tying the tubing in a knot would not slow or stop insulin delivery, but it certainly happened for me, It may be that in his sleep Samson is doing something similar. If you check that there is no tension on the tubing at the pump or site, it may start delivering again.

Hopefully others will know actually what the problem that your son is having. My experience may or may not be it.


Do you have the auto off alert set?


We have not had this issue, but over the last 6 years of using the tslim we have had errors and two fatal errors. Please do let us know what Tandem says if you call.

I too have been getting this w a beep! I don’t understand why. I don’t turn off the insulin. I just press “restart insulin.” Seems to take care of it. I’ve thought about calling Dexcom, but haven’t.

Yeah. Meant Tandem.