Trying to Find A GI Nutritionist Specialist to Deal with D Digestive Disorders

Some of you know that i have been going through some tough times with my tummy and have been on a new course of Xifaxan for SIBO.

i already deal with Gastroparesis and IBS for which i take Domperidone (which i get from Canada), as well as Dicyclomine.

i have been reading about different diets on FUD and trying to find something that would work for me. i have cut out wheat, nuts/seeds, most carbs, and cheeses. i am eating simple foods like Turkey Breast, white meat chicken, tuna, full fat plain yogurt(cant digest the Greek kind), avocados, baby arugula…

i have been doing this for about 1 month now, and i am still feeling very uncomfortable. I have been reading about the Keto Diet that Jim is on, but i dont think i could handle that much fat in my system. i dont really know what to do as my regular CDE,NP, dietition felt that this was out of her league. my GI specialist hasnt been much help. he just keeps telling me to put everything in the blender :wink: lol.

any helpful info appreciated. i need all the help and suggestions and ideas i can get!!!

thanks ahead of time,

Daisy Mae