Too good to not share


I don’t think this category is listed? How is anyone supposed to know if a conversation is happening here

Yes, politics subcat does not show on the active page on purpose.

So how’s anyone supposed to see it? Come on, thats funny even Harold had a good chuckle

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Politics :slight_smile:

It’s funny on so many levels…

And she’s not a politician… she lost remember. Neither is hef, therefore it’s just a good joke

It’s funny because he died at 91 after partying his whole life and the implication is that Hillary had him killed-- which is funny because there’s a twisted history of people who were inconvenient to her mysteriously dying

You are allowed to laugh

This is like finding another secret Lounge. Are there other categories like this? And on the subject of Categories, why is it that the list of Categories (when clicking on the main Hamburger menu) is not sorted alphabetically? Are they sorted based on date/time of category creation?

So as I gather from the category topic, if we see politics being brought up in the main forums then we should flag it with a request to have it moved over into this area?

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Where would be best place for this hilarious video?

Or this?