To Diluent or Not to Diluent


One other thing, FWIW, the next PDM release just got it’s FDA 510(k) clearance, and is scheduled for rollout in early 2019. That PDM will have a 0.0 basal setting option.

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The Omnipod closed-loop system isn’t (supposedly) that far out either. We won’t be 1st Gen on that, but whenever it’s been tested by all the guinea-pigs, we’ll probably get onboard.


Probably about 2 years before it comes into homes widespread. Limited release probably at end of 2019.

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I should have thought of this earlier, but I was focusing on the topic of diluent instead of looking at the problem you were trying to solve!

Liam is running low at night, so you want to lower basal. But an alternative might be - rather than lowering basal, trying an extended release carb at night.

These bars are designed for slow release carbs that last a very long time.

Minimize Spikes and Avoid Blood Sugar Swings

Our Bars metabolize slowly and convert to glucose for up to 9 hours, helping you maintain stable blood sugar without dramatic highs and lows.

It might be worth a try.

I have used bars like this before when I was doing MDI and had too much basal. Since you can’t remove the basal with MDI, this was an easy fix.


We do give him slow acting carbs at night. Most nights between 8 and 12 cheese crackers. I also give him these in his sleep also (he will eat and drink in his sleep.)

Should I be giving him something else?


Check out the extend bars. They are designed specifically for extended release, 6-9 hours, so that would outlast normal foods. I think it is worth a try.

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I don’t understand the “net carbs” math in the table in that article. 20 grams minus 6 grams fiber comes out to 14 Grand in my mind but it says 1 gram net carbs?

We are going to try these for sure. Thanks!