To all the Moms

To all the moms of young people with diabetes…
You fight for your kids. You do whatever is needed for their benefit - whether it is difficult Endos, or insurance struggles, or circumstances with their school that need special attention for the management of their diabetes. You stay up all night when they are having problems. You do all of this simply for love.

To the moms who have the young one with diabetes, do not bubble wrap them. Let them play hard and eat the occasional piece of cake. Let them go to the sleepover. They will get more sleep than you on that night. :slight_smile: Fight like a mother bear for them, but do not ever let them see fear in your eyes. Instead let them only see confidence that tells them they will be fine.

To the moms who themselves have to fight with diabetes. You not only have to take care of yourselves, but you do it without losing sight of the young ones in your lives. You put your own well-being on the back-burner to take care of them. You fight with it daily but try your hardest to never let them see it. You juggle your own diet, but try to not have it affect them.

Do not worry, your kids will grow up knowing they have the bravest mother in the world.

When we first started, my mother was unable to give me shots. It hurt her too much to do it. She had to call my dad to come home from work to give me a shot. We all grew quickly. Before long, I was doing it by myself. We learned together. It no longer hurts either one of us.

To all the moms - do not be afraid for your own life or the life of your young one. Embrace every moment. You will be fine. Your kids will be fine. Live today. Happy Mother’s Day to all.


Liams mother and I have decided that we’re not going to do anything “different” (except give our son the Insulin that his body can’t make for itself). Foods will be just the same as his brothers…sweets and all (maybe not as much…but some every time). We’ll learn how to cope with the real world as we live it and adapt as we learn.


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Once again -
Happy Mother’s Day!


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