Tidepool Development Updatee

Tidepool updated its development effort on their Tidepool Loop effort:



Thanks, that is quite an update. Glad they are getting traction and have a path forward with the FDA and manufacturers.

We believe closed loop therapy should be the standard of care for people with diabetes who require insulin,

I really think this is jumping the gun on the limits of technology.

First, I have been using a Dexcom every day for over fifteen years, since before the STS3 was first made available. I have used every iteration of the device. There is not a snowball’s chance that I would trust it’s accuracy for the dosing of my insulin on a 24 hour per day basis. No matter what Dexcom says, or how their MARD is FDA approved, the Dexcom has gross discrepancy from actual blood glucose at least every day or two.

Second, I have never used an insulin pump, but from what I’ve read flow stopping errors are not that uncommon. The technology, no matter how much better it is than 10 years ago, is nowhere near foolproof.

It will happen that the technology is up to the task. But to make it the standard of care at this point would be dangerous.


I understand your apprehension @docslotnick. I’ve been using DIY Loop for @ 8 months now and am overall extremely happy with the results. My issues, as you suspect, are related to Dexcom and Omnipod failures. These issues would exist even if I didn’t use Loop though. I know to be especially attentive during sensor and pod changes, as well as other times when they could fail for no apparent reason, which can account for many hours essentially open looping!
Again, I’d still be attentive even if I wasn’t using Loop. But, yes, it does take effort to monitor pump and Cgm issues, as well as implementing Loop, but the tradeoff in potentially feeling better with fewer complications is worth it for me. I agree, it certainly may not be appropriate for everyone. And, yes, technology is improving daily, so we can surely see light beyond the tunnel, not a cure!!


@Trying I don’t mean to say that looping is not appropriate for some PWD’s, I just found it highly inappropriate for the CEO of Tidepool to suggest that it be made the Standard of Care.

Maybe it’s just having been in the medical field for so many years that Standard of Care has a different meaning to me. Medically, the SOC for t1 diabetes is the injection of insulin.


@docslotnick, ah, I understand. I didn’t focus in on SOC. Yes, definitely insulin is indispensable! All the rest are just niceties in comparison! :slight_smile:

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