The Rollercoaster

I know what you are thinking, with that thread title. :grinning:

But no, it is not the BG type of of rollercoaster. I am talking about an actual rollercoaster. The kind you ride at the amusement park.

When my son was 7 years old, I took him to a very large amusement park that had a bunch of rollercoasters. There was one that terrified him. It had three loops, and went between a bunch of trees - so close you could almost touch them. Straight toward a tree and then it would veer off at the last second and then you were doing a loop.

It had always been one of my favorites. I loved it. I had been on it countless times and I was so excited that I might be able to ride it with him.

My son was terrified. I kept trying to talk him into trying it. “Just try it once!”, I told him. I promised I would hold on to him the whole time.

He kept slouching, trying to not reach the “You must be this tall to ride this ride” marker. But there was no way he could come up short. He could not get out of it that way.

I kept trying to convince him. It took all he had to get on that ride. Finally, after a lot of coaxing and convincing, I got him to agree. And standing in that long line was torture for him.

Finally, he went on the ride. He had a death-grip on my neck the whole time.

When it was over, he loved it. I did not have to convince him to ride it a second time.

So @LarissaW, here is my question for you…

Who showed more bravery on that day? My son or me?


I mean to answer your question your son did to go through all that fear and get on regardless. Were you scared for him or yourself at all?


I also think I’m going to hate my impending doom more than love it or the process or being done … :sob:


Was your wife with you that day?


I had been on it a bunch. Including many times when I was a kid. I was not afraid for him, because I knew it would be safe.

I had no fear, therefore I showed no bravery.

Bravery requires fear. Or dread. Or nervousness. Or anxiousness.

So the more of that you feel, the more bravery you show when you do it.

Embrace that feeling the next few days. Realize how that feeling is just you being brave. Let it feed you. Let it tell you that you got moxie.

Do me a favor. Listen to this whole thing.

https: slash slash dub dub dub dot

And after you listen to it, let me tell you something.

You ain’t got it.

You ain’t got it. Too small. Too young. Too inexperienced. Too diabetic. Can’t lay off the juice. You didn’t go to a Division I school. Don’t got it. Too slow. Can’t stay healthy. Can’t catch. Can’t block.

It’s the whole damn team! It’s the whole damn team!

We’re from Philly, effing Philly…
No one likes us, we don’t care

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Do me a favor. Put Jason Kelce on your play list at 93 minutes, and then show me.

“An Underdog is a Hungry Dog!”

And a hungry dog runs…?

What? Runs what?


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Yep, you got it! :+1:

Hey, can I ask you to do something tomorrow (Thursday)?

It is a very simple thing, it will only take you a few minutes.

Okay, sorry, back.

@LarissaW, here is what I want you to do on Thursday…

Get some Windex or some type of glass cleaner. Grab some paper towels and go out to your car. On the back window, clean a small spot. Don’t clean the whole window, just a small spot about the size of a coffee cup. And not in the middle of the window, but in a corner of the window. You pick the corner.

Look at that spot, and then tell me - what is that spot?

Don’t ask me, tell me.

But… I don’t own a car :flushed: can I substitute something ??

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Well, I am going to have to rethink that one! :grinning:

I am sorry, a car would be pretty much required for what I had in mind there.

But that is okay. I have all night to figure something out. :+1:

BTW, get your sleep!


I have just found out this is an apparent new trend.

Some people are choosing to not own a vehicle and just use Uber and Lyft for everything and finding it less hassle and cheaper than having to deal with vehicle ownership and everything that goes along with that.

I was speaking with a driver about this. It was quite interesting.


I’ve owned one in the past, but I’ll be living in a city for at least the next 4 years so I felt more so than anything that it just wasn’t worth it. Insurance and parking add up pretty quick around here. Plus, I really like walking everywhere! If I’m in a rush or going farther than a few miles then I’ll take public transport, and if it’s late at night or a weekend night then I’ll take an Uber.

A few of my classmates own cars, but for now it’s kind of liberating not having to worry about finding a parking spot and traffic every time I hop in the car.


But won’t you feel lost and unsure what to do when your friends are out trying to move their cars when the first big snowstorm hits?



Sorry Chris, I did not answer your question. No she was not.

Since you don’t have one, maybe your parent’s car. Picture the spot you’ve cleaned on the back window of your parent’s car.

Larissa, the back window of your parent’s car is looking kind of plain and boring. How about you get them a sticker?

Picture that spot, and say it out loud, “That’s where my sticker goes!”

Loudly. And with conviction, “That’s where my sticker goes!

That is not a question. State that as fact.

Go get them a sticker!

No I’ll be chipping the frozen tears off my face from walking to class :sob:

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@Eric don’t you know all the cool kids now decorate their water bottles with stickers!

A 13.1 could be my 1st sticker for me to get on the trend :crazy_face:


I love that idea!!

Say it out loud - “That’s where my sticker goes! That’s where my sticker goes!

Get to sleep early. This is what we are talking about tomorrow!


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