Testing routine when sick

So I (foolishly, in hindsight) attempted to eat dairy tonight, and I’m having a pretty bad reaction. These types of reactions usually end in vomiting. I dosed 1u Novolog (covers 30 carbs)@5, then another .5u (15 carbs)@6 when I sat down to eat. Right now my BG according to the Libre is in the 80s.

My questions are - how often do you finger prick test when vomiting to keep an eye on your blood sugar? Do you change at what point you treat for a low to head off getting dangerously low?


I am so sorry!

YES. When we are worried about lows when sick, because of throwing up or other reasons, we will try to hover around 140, because it is so exhausting for everyone to try to come back from a low in those circumstances (since you can’t keep anything up).

Imho, it would be quite OK to even aim higher. I would love to hear what others have to say on this.

As a note, we found out that the key, for us, to get carbs in when vomiting, is to do it in very small increments every 5 minutes, essentially one gulp every five minutes. Some will go back out but some will stick.

So sorry about how you feel right now, feel better soon!

Thanks - great suggestions! Unfortunately, I had potatoes tonight, so I erred on the side of closer to double bolusing than underbolusing (I had planned to eat dessert later…), so I’m still in the 80s (on meter) even with sipping sprite the past 30 minutes. :slightly_frowning_face: I haven’t thrown up yet, though, so I’m hoping I’ll get past this without that happening.

Side note: my sweet 3yo is always so concerned when I’m sick. She kept giving me hugs and kisses and brought me my phenergan gel, asking me if I’d thrown up yet. When she went to bed, she told me to have sweet dreams tonight (which is usually what I say to her). :heart_eyes:


That is a really nice fringe benefit of being sick!

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If you’re not using basal there’s no reason to test blood sugar after mealtime bolus is no longer at play

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Right. I was grateful for that when I had a stomach virus a couple weeks ago - it hit long enough after my last bolus, it wasn’t an issue. Novolog can affect me up to 4-5 hrs after dosing, so it was still in play when I was sick tonight. I’m finally above 100, though, so I’m good.


That is unbelievably sweet!

When I had a stomach bug for 48 hours, I hovered 150-250… I was feeling crummy so didn’t hardly test hate finger stabbers but knew I wasn’t going low. Did 1/2 basal 2nd night because I was worried my liver would run out of reserves but you need some insulin to stay out of dka (I believe its not the absolute bg level but lack of insulin that sends you there-- that’s why we t1’s can go into dka 250 [if no iob including basal]but t2’s need to be at 1000 or something- no citation don’t want to start a research argument just my general impression that mgiht not apply to everyone). IIf there were insulin on board, I like @Michel’s strategy of very tiny amounts and at least a little will stay in.