Tandem sport vs Omnipod

Hello, I am new to this forum and hope to find some information and opinions.

I have used the Omnipod pump for many years and am now on the Omnipod 5. My endo said that the Tandem closed loop algorithm is better than the Omnipod. What originally drew me to Omnipod was the tubeless aspect. I see that Tandem has a sport version or the smaller machine that can be worn like a pod. Is anyone using this and what are your thoughts? I am completely unfamiliar with infusion sets - how they work, how long they are worn, etc. - and need ibnput to move forward. Thanks for your help.


I haven’t seen any of those? I use the tandem Tslim X2 and I absolutely love it. I tried the Omni pod 5 for about a month or so, but in my kinda work I sweat a lot and the would just fall off. I lost several of them and then switched back to my Tslim. I’m not a fan of the tube, but it does stay on better for me

Hi @bas, welcome to FUD.

The tubeless version of Tandem is very new and is not widely released yet.

Since you have already tried the O5, it might be worth trying.

I am not 100% sure, but there should be some option to try it for 30 days so you don’t have to commit to it if you want to go back to the O5.

As far as infusion sets, I think they are generally done the same was as pods, like every 3 days.

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Kerri Sparling has a blog and speaks about the new Tandem pump quite a bit. Forewarning, she is a paid spokesperson for Tandem but she does give the good and bad .


Thank you. I will see if I can get a sample.

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Thank you. I will take a look.

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Greeting @bas

Not sure what I think of it due to the fact it still has an infusion set. Bad hands & infusion sets don’t mix well…

Tandem Mobi

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Hi All, after a bunch of research, I have decided to stick with Omnipod 5 and wait for the other tubeless pumps that are in the works (Tandem and Medtronic are both working on it). I am just not ready to switch to a tube pump, even the Tandem Mobi. Thanks for your input.