Taking Victoza at night

I started with Victoza pretty much just a year or two after it became available. At the time i was getting signs BG level was jumping significantly but my A1C’s were normal in high 90s. But that was a change from my historical numbers consistently about 83 mg/dl…so i seemed ti be heading to full T2 which ran in family. The Victoza worked fantastic in reducing highs but also helping keep numbers steady reducing any significant swings…so been using it a long time. Have switched to Byetta a couple times when the Victoza would stop being effective.

Moving to now…i take Novalog (pens) along with my daily Victoza (oh I’m
in 1.8mg dose). Thing was i was ok during the day but no matter how i reduced or managed carbs i would get those night rises generally starting between 1am - 2am. Even if i woke and took a dose if Novalog the elevations still happened. Doc & I were both resigned to it just going that way for me.

A few months ago i got a wild idea to move my Victoza dose to between 5pm-7pm. For me Victoza peaks about 5 or 6 hrs after injection. My thoughts were given how Victoza functions it might just peak near to when those rises came around. It took a bit if trial & error but i found my current regime. It has all but eliminated those night rises to 200+ for ni apparent reason. it got my Doc’s attention too. i don’t mind being a Guinea pig and am given pretty free reign to try different doses or times. So i feel completely fortunate to have my current primary. I’m very lucky and know it.

My question is simple… is anyone else taking their Victoza before bed rather in the AM.

EDIT: I need ti add. At first with the experiment i made double sure what i was seeing on my Dex G5 wasn’t the weirdness when it just gives flat numbers for a period. the above takes that in account.

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