Switching to omnipod in a couple days from Tresiba looking for some tips on basals

Hi all,

I am switching from Tresiba to Omnipod in a couple days. Meeting with my endo and wanted to get ahead of the dosing.

If I am taking 16 Units of Tresiba do you merely divide my 24 and reduce by 20% to get your basals?
I am assuming you start with one basal before you make schedule?

Before Tresiba I was on Lantus 22-24 units. Does anyone have a conversion chart the doctor uses?

Would I be better using my Lantus or Tresiba dosing?

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Hello Airtas,
They use several different formulas. Depending on the competence of your omnipod rep and/or endo, they may be able to make these better and more accurate for you.

There are different formulas they may use, depending on what they subscribe to, but here are some of the general formulas they might use (there are many variations of these, so these are just some of the formulas that are used, not the only ones).

Calculation of your TDD (total daily dose) is:
TDD = weight in pounds x 0.23

Calculation of basal is:
Total basal = TDD x 0.48

If your basal is flat over the whole day, take that total basal and divide by 24 for the hourly rate.

For insulin:carb ratio (IC) it also depends on the formula they use, but a common one is:
IC = 500/TDD

And for correction factor, if they are not too savvy, they might say:
CF = 1700 / TDD
If they are smart, they will say, “Well Airtas, what have you been using for your correction factor? Okay, let’s just stick with that…”

And then, just to show it isn’t really science, they might drop everything down by 10-20% to be safe, until you get a handle on it.

Anyway, those are some of the ways they might do it. But I did pretty darn good by taking my total basal amounts for morning and night and dividing it into units/hour and using that for day and night basal. And for IC ratios…well, I never really used those, so I just hit the same numbers as if it was a syringe. Later learned I needed a bit more because the cannula was more shallow than a syringe.

Anyway, plug in those numbers and see if that looks reasonable.

Are you saying you went from 22-24 units of Lantus to 16 units of Tresiba? That seems a bit odd. I dunno. Maybe someone else using Tresiba can look at those and see if they make sense?


Actually, I went from 80u (40u bid) of Lantus to the 70u of Toujeo (35u bid) to 44u of Tresiba (44u qd). Granted I was taking too much Lantus and Toujeo but certainly not twice as much as I needed. It’s not unusual to reduce your basal amount when switching from Lantus to Tresiba.

And Welcome @airtas!

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I kept having to reduce my dose of Tresiba when I tried it to avoid dropping significantly overnight and in the morning. It seems to be very potent. The problem was my dose dropped so low that it wasn’t lasting through the day.

same issue I had