Switching from Dexcom to Libre

i just got a message from my endo and was told that medicare is covering the Libre!!!
he filled out the neccessary form and will get the ball rolling. it would be HUGE for me if i found that it worked well!!! OMG, so excited.



its me again. just wanted to let everyone know that my endo said i should know something by the end of next week regarding approval for the Libre.fingers crossed.

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Here are details from website.

Libre medicare

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thx. big help :smile:

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That’s great news! I’m looking forward to hearing about the result :slight_smile: With all the knowledge around this place, I’m sure we can sort out the tape problem.

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I’ve had no problems whatsoever wearing the Libre during swimming, without using any tape. I had more problems keeping the Dexcom on.

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Did you wear the Dexcom on your stomach? I’ve had no problems keeping Dexcom on while swimming, but I always wear it on my stomach. I think having the Libre sensor on my arm might make it more prone to coming off. I still plan on swimming, but am going to investigate extra tape or some sort of cover for it.

I’m heading to Costco today and am hoping they have sensors and a reader I can pick up. It seems the cost everywhere has gone up to about $99 a sensor and $55 or so for the reader. My insurance only covers $89 for the sensor and $49 for the reader, and only covers 80% of even that. So I’ll still have to pay some, but definitely better than paying full price for the Dexcom supplies, which are much more expensive. I’m hoping Costco still has the lower prices.

Yep, wore Dexcom on my stomach and had more problems than with Libre on my arm. I almost always had to use tape of some kind, but rarely ever have to with the Libre. I was at Costco this week, in Ontario at least prices are still $89 for sensors and $49 for the reader!

One upside to having it on the arm is that you can use an elastic band or something to protect it. I know some people use vet wrap, though I’m not sure if that’s in water. I think any kind of thin but elastic fabric could work really well.

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i’m going to keep all of these4 suggestions in mind. but first things first; i need to get approved! :wink:

@Scotteric, you were right about the prices, they were still at the lower price. Ended up not getting any because the pharmacist recommended I get a prescription for them just to ensure that my insurance would reimburse. So I’ll email my doctor and hopefully he can email me a prescription for sensors and the reader.

Hey DM, When Libre first came out I tried it out and swam in the ocean with it many days in a row with no problems. I taped over it with Opsite, with a little hole in the center of the sensor (can’t remember why I wanted that little peephole in the middle…). Nowadays I am using a roll of GrifGrips tape to make my own patches to tape over the Eversense transmitter. The Grif Grip tape should work great for the Libre.

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thx John!! my endo already put in a request to Medicare for my approval of the Libre. so far as it is approved, i am going to start on it and see how it works. i am very excited, b/c so many of you have posted your success with it in regard to it being waterproof while swimming.

What is your insurance carrier? Is it through a PBM?

I’m in Canada, so no, we don’t have PBMs here. Most people who have insurance get it through their employer, which is the case for me.

Thanks Jen.

Best Regards,

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I am in the process of possibly doing the same Jen. I just had a prescription sent to my pharmacy. I am curious about the accuracy of the libre. My only concern is not having alarms for lows during the night. I am considering getting an add on so I can have alarms. I like my dexcom but it is so expensive. I think my out of pocket expensive would be significantly reduced with the libre compared to the dex.
Is that worth it though??? I hope you post about some of your experiences.

I will definitely keep this thread updated. I just picked up my Libre the other day, but I’m going to wait till my current Dexcom transmitter dies to get started. I haven’t bought a MiaoMiao yet, but do have one sitting in my Amazon cart. :slight_smile:

The Libre sensor and inserted are bulkier than the G4G5, but probably not the G6 based on pictures I r seen. I would like if Abbott could somehow create a reusable inserted, like always.

My Dexcom sensor has been acting wonky and I got the notification that my transmitter will die in three weeks. So I decided to fire up the Libre tonight. Sensor inserted and just waiting for it to warm up. Nice that it only takes an hour instead of two! I don’t have a MiaoMiao yet, so for now will just be scanning.

I didn’t use anything underneath the sensor and am honestly a bit nervous. I’ve never used the Libre before and hope I don’t react to anything in it.

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Wow. Didn’t think my first night would be waking up feeling a bit low and scanning to see LO (and I’d been low for the past hour). Meter said 2.3 mmol/L. I knew I was dropping before bed and had insulin on board, so suspended my pump for an hour. I bet this is one place alarms would have made a difference.

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