Surgery in a few weeks...NOT diabetic neuropathy

Not sure which category to put this in, but I’ll put it here, because it was previously (wrongly) presumed diabetic neuropathy.

As usual, sorry that this is going to be long-winded.

For years, even way before dx, I’ve had numbness, clumsiness, and pain in my hands. The left way more than the right. Used to be intermittent. As of dx, it was assumed to be neuropathy, and the intense pain in the mornings was attributed to sustained overnight lows. Since using CGM, at least I’m catching them, so that was debunked. In the last few months, its been really bad, mainly with dropping things, and not being able to rely on my hands to do simple things. I’ve developed pretty bad tremors in my left hand, mainly my pinky trying to secede from my hands.
My PCP sent me to a neurologist, to rule out all the biggies that could cause tremors. Brain scans, cervical spine scans (where they found a lot of bone spurs, and scared the %$%^^ out of me, because it “looked like bone infection”, wasn’t, after more tests and rushing in for more MRIs). Every time I talked to a dr, they kept on asking if I was sure that I didn’t have a fever, and how painful was it to move my neck? (no fever, and not at all). Anyway, they set me up with an orthopedist, the same practice I usually go to, where I’ve never seen the same dr twice. This is where it gets fun. So, I wait in the drs office for 30 minutes after my appointment time, kinda freaked out, trying to figure out in my head if I even would choose to have neck surgery, if that’s the only option. Decide, screw it, I’m not waiting anymore. By this time I’ve worked myself into frustrated crying. I’m a super ugly cryer. Go into the waiting room, ask for my copay back, tell them I won’t be back. Excuses follow, “He should be done in 15 or 20 minutes…” A youngish dr who’s obviously headed out sees this exchange, and says he has time to see me. Coincidentally, a few years ago he worked with the surgeon who did my back surgeries in 2007 & 08. Super pompous guy, but in an awesome way. Physiatrist, so definitely more used to dealing with broader problems. Looks at all my scans, says the bone spurs on my neck are bad, but not terrible, and if they don’t bother me, why worry about it right now. Even looks at my shoulder MRIs from a few years back and says that was frozen shoulder, and is kinda miffed that it was misdiagnosed as osteoarthritis.
Anyway, does a quick but thorough exam of my hands and elbows, says, “advanced cubital and carpal tunnel syndrome in the left hand, you’re going to need surgery. Mild carpal tunnel syndrome in the right hand. We’ll need to check if there’s cervical radiculopathy as well.” Sets up an EMG, which I had the next week. No cervical radiculopathy, and he’s correct about everything else. Saw the hand surgeon last week, and going for left elbow/hand surgery on the 21st. I had sworn off more surgeries, but she said even with pt, its not going to get any better. Even with wearing splints at night, which greatly impede sleep, its been getting worse pretty quickly. Surgery shouldn’t interfere with vacation, the arm splint should be off the first week of July, (unless she has to move the nerve, but we won’t know that until surgery) in time for my hubby’s aunt and cousins visiting, and the wrist splint most likely will be off or at least removable by the time we go visit my mom in late July. I’ll be doing PT for both hands, but some of that can be virtual.

I’m calling this a win. No spinal meningitis or MS.
Its fixable, and I won’t be totally helpless. And I found a good bone dr, which I need, considering the genes my dad passed on.


Whoa, glad you got to the bottom of it, hope the carpal surgery goes really well and ends your pain. Much better than any of the big uglies they were ruling out.


Go, you!

This is the badassery that got someone to really look at you and your case.

This is a win and it’s all you. Good work!!

And fingers crossed and amens and all that for your surgery. I’ll be thinking about you!! :heart::heart::muscle::heart::heart:


Checking in…how are things going? :heart:


Thank you for checking in!
All in all, pretty good. The surgery ended up being a little more extensive/invasive than originally planned. Which means much larger splint, almost up to my shoulder, and longer projected rehab. But a more permanent fix. Sleeping a lot. Pain is slightly worse than expected, due to having to keep my arm straight up as much as possible, esp while sleeping. Yay for never throwing out pillows!
But my sugars are being surprisingly cooperative, esp with the total lack of exercise. In good spirits, and antsy to get this thing off in hopefully 5 days.
Try as he might, hubby cannot figure out a ponytail! I’ll know more about rehab schedule next week, and hopefully be off the dilaudin in the next day or so…
Again, thank you for checking in! Its time to attempt a walk around the block…




I remember when a dad was in charge of some girl twins in my elementary class since the mom was out of town. He tried to give the girls ponytails and finally gave up getting all of their hair into the hair holder…so any hair that didn’t make it in, he CUT off. The mom was furious when she got back in town! :rofl::woman_facepalming::grimacing:

So glad to hear things are firmly in the “alright but kinda annoying” category and not anything worse!!


Sounds like you’re hanging in there. Hope your healing continues to progress well…:pray:

I struggled with the my 90’s middle part…so I feel for your husband…lol.