Super proud papa

So, at around 12 noon, Liam showed that he was 65, 45 down and I did a finger stick and came back with 150. I checked again on another finger and got 120. So I calibrated. But about 1230, his CGM read 120 but Liam said: “Papa, I feel like I’m low.” Me, thinking he only wanted a sweet, said, no sugar…I just calibrated you and you’re 120 right now.

So, why am I a super proud papa? Because he was very persistent and kept saying, “I think I’m low, papa.” Being annoyed more than anything thinking he just wants a sweet, I said, do you want me to check your sugars again? He said yes. So I went over and checked his sugars and sure enough, he’s 49.

I was SO happy and cheered for him and gave him lots of praise. This is CRITICAL for him to be able to do and the fact that he was right and the CGM was wrong really helped me realize that I just need to listen to him more and when he says he feels low, just don’t take any chances.

What an awesome accomplishment for Liam!

I also used this opportunity to ask him how his “body feels” when he’s low. He said he gets tired and hungry. Both responses make perfect sense. What a wonderful day!


that’s great that he felt it and persisted even when it didn’t math the cgm!


Big step, that is awesome that he kept at it.



Way to go Liam!



What a beautiful moment. :heart: Sounds like he deserves a lot of credit, but I think you do, too. You guys make a great team. :blush:



Hopefully there was an excellent sweet at hand. Not just some chalky glucose tabs. :laughing: :ice_cream:


We get an initial supply every 90 days and once they are gone we are all candy. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ha! Excellent. Never waste a low.

Incidentally, we were at a new endo’s office last week - he is T1D for 40+ years and pretty cool. His Dexcom beeped, and I was like “is that you?” to EH and then I realized it was the doctor! He found his receiver under a stack of papers. I told him, as he popped a glucose tab, “Never waste a low! Where are the mini donuts?!? Where’s the candy?!?” And he laughed. Passed the test. :wink:


it is huge! allows him to trust his feelings with allowing the authority figure to admit he was wrong and to praise which subconsciously is a big thing in my eyes for the future. you should be proud!