[FIRSTS] - Liam recognized his first low today, and our first "gusher" (01302018)

The purpose of this post is that I figured it would be nice for those caregivers to mark significant milestones for future reference by either us, or our kids. So today was two “firsts” for Liam and for us.

The First Gusher
It was time to change the CGM…although the receiver indicated the battery was end of life, this morning it indicated it had 12 more days before the battery would be dead. So, we took off the sensor/receiver from one bicep and installed it onto the other bicep. After getting everything fully completed, which included adding DexTape over the top, I attempted to “start sensor” and a message popped up saying the battery was too low, to use another Transmitter. This is a problem for us because we don’t have any extra transmitters. We called it in on the very first warning about low battery, which was 12 days ago…we JUST NOW got everything done (Endo sending prescription to Edgepark was the hold-up). Then, Erin noticed that his arm was pouring blood anyway…it was coming from the backside of the transmitter/sensor where they connect…and it was coming out in a steady pool, not a small amount. It was a gusher. So we very quickly ripped off (as fast as we could with the Unisolve) the DexTape, Sensor/Transmitter and I applied steady pressure for a minute or two, then the bleeding stopped…but I could see immediate bruising so I know we may not be able to use this site anyway for a few weeks. This is the first gusher we’ve ever had so I guess that’s good for 2 years? It sucked either way!

The first time Liam recognized he was LOW
After the above incident, we went on doing what we were doing…the last BG we took was 116 which was about 30 minutes prior to this incident. So, I’m in the kitchen cleaning and Liam comes to the kitchen and says “Papa, I’m feeling tired, I think I’m low.” I immediately checked his BG and he was…28. :frowning: Crappy low, but VERY STOKED that he’s recognizing what lows feel like. This was the best…worst…news I’ve heard in a long time. As much as I never want to see Liam have a low BG, it did make me feel a lot better about the situation that he recognized it. Had he not told me, I wasn’t planning on checking him again for another 15 - 30 minutes. He might have saved his own life there…

To me, the ability to recognize lows and highs is the first step toward self-management! So, this is a happy day.


I know this is a weird reaction, but as a father you’ll know what I mean: this is GREAT!!!


Those are indeed milestones worth noting. Congrats. Small steps lead to larger ones…


The gusher, bummer all around, might not even be worth remembering.

Recognizing being low, priceless and a major life milestone! Liam is a real trooper! Congratulations!


I’m wondering which nerve I hit…I’m thinking it had to be the musculocutaneous nerve since the brachial artery is deeper under the brachialis muscle (the outside part of the bicep where we stuck him). The coracobrachialis also runs down through that area, but it’s also deeper toward the underside/inside of the arm.

I am just wondering how the cannula stuck any main nerve that caused this gusher since the veins are deeper into the arm muscle than the depth that these cannulas go? Whatever it struck, it was like hitting oil.

Perhaps you hit a nerve supply, or you could have also just hit a good sized collateral that feeds the skin or is jumping over something. If you look at angiography in the arms there is a lot going on.


My memory from my anatomy classes (a long time ago!) is that collateral circulation is highly variable across individuals and does not always follow a “standard” model. So it may not be possible to identify a “standard” response?

Possibly people with a better anatomy background will know better!

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Having watched >100 angiograms done with dye injected into the arms to understand where the subclavian vein is located, I can confirm that collateral circulation and even locations of standard veins can be quite variable and give physicians fits who are trying to locate it with a needle and not drop the lung.


That is really good! It will be very helpful to him at school when you are not around.

Sorry about the gusher. But I think it’s also good because this way he is learning it is no big deal. And it’s really good that he did not cry or anything when he saw all the blood.


I’m so happy to hear that Liam recognized his low! :grinning::grinning::grinning: Boy, 28 is the lowest I’ve heard of a child having without seizing, so thank G-d he recognized it! Your wonderful little boy and your family have come quite a ways on your D-journey, and I’m happy to hear that you all are hanging in there.:heart::heart::heart: