Study: wearable heart monitor can detect diabetes

Cardiogram is a company that applies deep learning (AI) to medicine. Their latest study appears to show that a simple wearable heart rate monitor (like the one in the Apple watch) can be used by an AI to detect preexisting diabetes with 85% certainty:

Cardiogram and UCSF had a cohort of 14,011 people with and without diabetes, then it took 70% of those users and used them to train DeepHeart. It then took a separate set of participants and tested DeepHeart on them, essentially using the same methodology it used for its atrial fibrillation study. In the end, Cardiogram saw an rate accuracy of 85%.

The follow-up question, for me, would be: can it also detect undiagnosed diabetes, or pre-emerging diabetes?

Cardiogram is looking to roll out the new ability to flag indicators of diabetes and pre-diabetes by the end of 2018.

Pretty cool!


Cool! I’ve used heart rate monitors for training a fair amount on and off when I’m taking training seriously (not so often lately but I used to be fast)… I hate the chest straps and the wrist ones aren’t super reliable (but they are improving fast!). That’s pretty cool!

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Cool, but a little scary to think that diabetes might be affecting the heart enough for that line to detect BG levels.

Sounds similar to Fitbit’s goal to detect and monitor sleep apnea with the Fitbit Ionic. It seems this might be the new trend of wearables in the next few years.


Interesting, thanks for sharing. Within your link, I also clicked on link for What to know about Sano, and that was cool. Another possible CGMS, looks similar to Libre.