Stockpiling Dexcom G5 transmitters: how long do they last?



We have always received two at a time also…I think it’s an insurance thing. I have never had one NOT work for the full time.


@Tapestry my comments about the 3 month warrantee are based on Canadian supplied transmitters. In Canada you get only 1 G5 per box.

In the US I expect they do no sit on a supplier’s shelf for as long but I could be wrong.


Thanks for weighing in @ClaudnDaye . The same here; they have always worked. It’s good to know though, a possible reason, should they not!

@Aaron, thank you. I saw Canada and wondered about that. Perhaps in the States it is different becuase they ship two. That was a selling feature when moving from the G4 to the G5, that you would receive two transmitters, because they didn’t last as long as the G4. This information will help; hopefully I won’t need to fall back on it! :slight_smile:


This is how the warranty works in the US: the transmitters are warranted as long as they are started within 5 months of shipment.

When you get 2 transmitters, as long as you start the first one less than 2 months after reception, and the second one follows within 90 days, you are good for the regular life of both transmitters.

If you start the second transmitter 5 months and 1 day after shipping, if it is DOA or dies before 90 days you are out of luck.