Something Liam finds funny

So, he’s recently started “running from me” when it’s time to bolus him because he knows the PDM has to be close to him to get it started…he’ll run all through the house laughing as I chase after him saying “Get’chur butt over here so I can bolus you!”. I eventually corner him, but it’s super cute – and it’s getting me a bit more exercise. :stuck_out_tongue:


Toddlers are the best. :laughing:

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Make sure you get a video. Some of our best video’s are when our toddlers would run around in Superman PJ’s with cape, yelling “Superman Me! Superman Me!”


I’m so glad you find it funny too Harold! Because it’s something that might ■■■■ off a lesser parent, and I’m so glad you’re able to enjoy the interaction. Soon, he’ll be grown, and doing it himself. What a sweet thing to share. :blush: