So Word on FUD Street is Contour is the Meter to go with.... but why?

I don’t think I have a debate in me right now, but I’ll just add that the lab value was 77. 77 and 101 is… well, could be better?

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So… let me get this straight.

Lab was 77 (4.2)
Relion 86 (4.8)
One touch mini? 92 (5.1)
Contour next one 100 (5.5)

Based on the bg meter cluster around 90, I would say that the lab value is the wrong value as in it is too low.

So what machine did they use to do the lab test and what is the accuracy? Or did they just use a one touch verio in th lab?

For me the Countour always reads higher than the other meters I use and the verio reads the lowest.

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Thank you. This has been eating away at my brain, and I KNOW that Contour is the highest rated meter, but I also followed all of the suggested steps and found a different result. Just one lab draw… not enough to purchase a farm on, but I’m also not a fan of disregarding a result just because it doesn’t fit (@Eric!!).

Very interesting idea. I didn’t know there was a chance of this. I assumed the lab draw WAS the standard. So this is one very good possible explanation.

It was a true blood draw collected in tube…That has nothing to do with the Verio, right? Could that still be an accuracy issue on the lab’s end?

I also took care to repeat my own sticks three times in a row. It is still technically one draw, but I did meet the “two meter test” requirement.

My Contour always reads higher as well. The only reason I’m fussing is because I calculate my calibration factor using my finger stick values. I base insulin decisions on them. A higher number reflects a higher factor and results in additional insulin. I can make the adjustment if I need to, but I’m just trying to decide if I should.

Thanks for commenting. :upside_down_face:


We have a whole different secret world now, don’t we? :grinning:

Each person’s blood composition and chemistry is unique to that person. Expecting one tool to perform best on all people is a fools errand. I would do the same thing at your next blood draw, and if you get the same results you have your answer on which meter works best for you.

You may want to go in a bit higher in BG at the next reading just to give the meters a tougher challenge.

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So… I was just joking about the Verio. But I was serious about the contour reading higher.

Here was this morning.

Dexcom: 90 (5.0) - I calibrate with the Contour so it should match.
Contour: 86 (4.8)
Accucheck: 54 (3.0)
Force: 65 (3.6)

Which is the age old problem… If I was running the accucheck I would probably take some glucose and with the countour I would do nothing.

But… I actually felt a little on the low side with some mental fog.

In the end, I just ate breakfast and had coffee and the mental fog lifted :smile:


While I am on the topic… I use a contour which as I said “always reads higher” than other meters. So one would expect that my A1C would be lower than expected based on my contour readings or my dexcom readings that are based on the contour.

But my A1C is ALWAYS higher than my meter average or my CGM 90 day average :confounded:

For example - 90 day decom says A1C is 5.2% but my A1C last week was 5.6%. grumble… (I do not get worked up about this but I love to complain).


I am sure you know it, but I will point it out for others, but there are many variables in the A1c test including the rate at which your body discards red blood cells. So you may just have a lower turnover than others in the red blood cell category.

Also, grumbling about a 5.6 might get you in a bit of trouble in the wrong group.

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The grumbling is about the difference not the number :wink: Just fine with the number.

I suspect that I hold onto red blood cells longer than most. Also my RBC numbers when I had this test done where above the lab range for normal so that may also contribute.

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Why not find out?!

Blow your endo away by asking about getting a reticulocyte count. :wink:

I don’t know if any doctors support this kind of witchcraft, but it’s just a little bit of blood taken while they already have the needle stuck in your vein for all the other tests, so the “ask” is very small…

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Will do. Will work on trying to pronounce it before my appointment.


BTW, good job on the 5.6, even if not 5.2…


We have to. We’ve got a lot of conspiracy theories between the two of us… and can’t be sure who’s in on them. :grin:

Misery, I mean crazy, loves company.

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Right. I knew that of course. :grin:

Oh no. You, too?

Of course. But that’s not the force, that’s the caffeine.

And I thought that was just a thing with Medtronic, but Dexcom does it, too, huh? ACTUALLY, I might understand why… and I’ll enjoy enlightening everyone until someone else comes along (Eric) to correct me. With a sensor delay, or lag, it takes longer to reflect a high than a low. Here’s the dangerous part—the explanation— this is because when our blood sugar is rising, there is a delay in rise in the interstitial fluid. However, when we are dropping, it is reflected in the interstitial fluid BEFORE the blood.

Or something like that. :grin:

Point being, you run with the wrong crowd and complain about your a1c of a 5.6, and you’re likely to get your butt kicked. That’s the take home. :grin:


I can’t believe I just knocked you for grumbling about a difference in numbers. I live to grumble about a difference in numbers. And it’s a crying shame is what it is, Aaron. Say no more. :grin:



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coffee takes care of everything! LOL. lifting mental fog. I feel this way everyday without my morning coffee. (As an aside: I was chatting with my niece (non diabetic) and she remarked about the nespresso machine that she cherishes to start her day with a positive experience. Her twin brother gets free k cups because he works for the company. She asked him, why wouldn’t you want to start your day right, drinking a delicious cup of coffee instead of the dark, caffeinated liquid? his reply was that because it was free. I’m curious as to which one lifts the mental fog better. @Eric, perhaps this is another important “test”- maybe more important than any insulin baking in the car test!!) I’m clearly having too much fun, and maybe having a mental fog moment. Dashing off to get caffeinated. :slight_smile:


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