Shower Drops

Took a shower 3 hours after my dinner bolus. 0.9 IOB. This is a pretty typical shower drop for me and I caught it with two glucose tabs.

Do others experience this?


Do you disconnect during a shower?

I usually get shower rises, but I think it’s mostly from the 30- to 45-minute disconnect, not so much the shower.

I use pods so I’m connected the whole time.

I get these with an omnipod but sometimes it is just a wet sensor problem and sometimes it is real (verified with BG meter)

I do find that the hot water from the shower will cause the insulin to absorb faster so if I shower in the morning I do not need to prebolus for breakfast. The downside is that I get a bg rise about 2 houra after the drop sometimes.


Interesting observations! I did verify the numbers tonight and they were spot on (surprisingly). I’ll have to watch for trends beyond the initial drop. Also, for me, I’ve noticed it drops me but it tends to level somewhere and doesn’t just keep going down…like a vacuum has been turned on and it sucks up any floating insulin and then once my body cools back down it stops.

My theory is the heat from the shower causes more bloodflow to the pumpsite which causes faster absorbtion of the insulin into the bloodstream.

Studies (that I am too lazy to reference) looking at applying heat to the pump site for faster absorbtion have proven this. Someone actually designed an infusion set with a built in heater.

The later rise is just my observation and my hypothesis is that the insulin was absorbed quickly so less is available to be absorbed later
This kind of ruins your future basal.

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Ok so curiousity killed my lazyness…


I’m spiking now…but that’s probably from the Mike’s Lite Hard Lemonade…and ice cream and chocolate chip cookie.

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Yeah I get shower drops pretty regularly with any BOB… I actually use them to my benefit whenever I can… they can be a powerful tool


I get shower drops, too, so I try to take ‘em before meal boluses.

ETA: Something nobody warned me about at all when I was first diagnosed, gah!


Could be. It’s a remote possibility, but…


Had to google the light part :slight_smile:

What does Mike’s Hard Lemmonade and insulin have in common?

They were both discovered in Canada. :slight_smile:


We also get shower drops too. We use them, though! My son gets small rise of feet-on-the-floor phenomenon in morning. So he injects right before getting up for breakfast then takes a shower. The two pretty much exactly counteract each other.

I should add, though, that his drop is only 20-30 for a 10 minute shower.

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