Insulin more effective on day 1 of pod

When I start a new pod the insulin work better during the first 24 hours and then drops off slowly until the pod is finished any suggestions ?


Hi @Poppa
What type of insulin are you using?

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Nova rapid

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We have found that as well, just not with the omnipod. It is why my son changes sites every two days instead of three. I would get your doctor to prescribe 48 hour changes.


I have better luck with Novolog (or NovoRapid in other countries) than I do with Humalog.

But sites can become saturated and insulin does not absorb as well.

A lot of factors can affect this, like body tissue and hydration and dosage amounts.

As @Chris said, more frequent swaps would help.

Or another thing that might help - if you don’t want to swap as much - is using the pod for basal or only small boluses, and doing your larger meal boluses with an injection.

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I have considered and occasionally do mealtime bolus by injection when I have to so my pod doesn’t run out before it is timed out but that sort of defeats the reason for using Pods. I think the insulin in the Pod constantly is losing its effectiveness from body heat because by day three I have to adjust bolus ratio and sometime take extra basal units. I just switched from Medtronic pump to Pods this spring and there is a definite difference.

Insulin is pretty resilient to heat. Are you in a very hot environment?

A high amount of motion when insulin is attached in a pump can cause a breakdown, but you might have seen the same with Medtronic.

Most likely the difference between Medtronic and omnipods that you are noticing is caused by the shallow infusion with the pods. Unfortunately you don’t really have a choice on infusion depth with pods.

You might try some different sites on your body. Try some places you could not with Medtronic.

But a 2 day swap would probably help you the most.


I definitely noticed this too when switching from Medtronic to Omnipod. I also noticed that heat had more of an impact on the insulin, at least I think it did.