Sharing my story

Here is my story of why I went low carb after almost 10 years with t1d:


Maria, how long has it been since you went low carb? What has been the hardest?

It has been about two years now. I don’t know about “hardest” but a major difference is that I spend a lot more time in my kitchen! I consider it a good thing :slight_smile:


Can you share how many carbs you have in a day? And do you count carbs you take for low BG fixes against your total?

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On most days I eat between 30-60g carbs (I count net carbs and I probably cluster right around 40-45g most days). I almost never have lows and certainly not serious ones. Usually just 2-3g glucose (I use smarties) will get me where I need to be. The other day, for example, I was 70 an hr after breakfast and wanted to take the dogs hiking. I actually ate 6g and went. I ended the hike at 103, so I probably could have done away with just 2g glucose with some protein (like a small handful of nuts). This is just an example to say that it is rare I have days when I need more than 5g additional glucose to treat or prevent lows so I consider it negligible. Typically, its three meals a day, anywhere from 8-18g carbs (any more and unpredictability begins)! I totally snacked when I was pregnant and definitely had a few off days but even then it would be rare to exceed 60g a day.