Saw my ophthalmologist today…

… and the news was all good - 20/10 corrected vision (I can still apply for the Top Gun program! :sunglasses:), and most importantly, zero sign of DR. Whew! However, he also told me that within the next few years, D will be the leading cause of blindness in the US. So the takeaway (not that it needs to be said, but it can’t hurt to reinforce the message) is to KEEP ON TOP OF YOUR EYE HEALTH! Don’t wait for a problem to be noticeable, go for annual well visits - it’s critical!


Way to go!!!


So that means you can see at 20 feet what the person with normal vision can see at 10.

When you say it’s corrected vision, that means you are wearing glasses or contacts. If so, did you choose to overcorrect your vision, and what was the reasoning?


Yes, that’s with glasses on.

Why overcorrect? Who wants to be average? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seriously, it’s not deliberately ‘overcorrected’, but when my ophthalmologist refracts me to get the prescription, he goes for the best result - as long as I can confidently perceive an improvement, we keep going. He calls me the ‘Princess and the Pea’ because I can reliably see minute differences that according to ‘the book’, I’m not supposed to be able to detect. I’m neither nearsighted nor farsighted; I have a bad astigmatism in one eye, and it’s very sensitive to the script. I feel it if it’s off by even the slightest degree. So no conscious effort, that’s just the way it turned out.

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The other thing that is equally true: Every year that you can AVOID problems, means that there are better treatment options if/when you need them.

I first had problems in my left eye about 35 years ago. At that time about the best they could do was comparatively crude, by today’s standards, laser blasting.

I developed problems in my “good” eye about a year ago. Eylea treatments, which are comparatively new, have worked well for me. While I will NEVER be a pilot, I am THRILLED that I can still see F35-C jets landing at NAS North Island, Coronado, CA.

Happy good vision wishes to all.