Recent weather shift to hot/muggy/needing a/c = higher morning number?

My understanding is that the higher the temperature the lower the number? That’s kind of what I have experienced in the last year generally, however, the last couple weeks my morning number has been significantly higher.

All else equal I went from a rolling 3/4 week morning bg median of 110/115 or so to literally overnight the last week - 150, 160, or this morning 165. It’s seriously ■■■■■■■ me off! No differences in dinner night before, insulin, my walking, or really sleep quality. The only difference is the weather - we went from kinda warm but keep the windows open at night to having to run the A/C due to humidity/ higher heat.

I appreciate your feedback.

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I don’t think this holds true for everyone.

If I’m hot when I’m sleeping, my bg levels will rise. If I’m cooler when I’m sleeping, they’re more likely to stay flat or fall. Does your AC cool your bedroom enough?

I’ve noticed this many times at night. I haven’t noticed the same patterns during the day though.

I think you mentioned in past posts that you were diagnosed 1-2 years ago. It’s also entirely possible that the weather change or some other factor may have impacted your residual insulin production.


My basal requirements change with the seasons. You probably just need to find the right basal adjustment — once you get that dialed in everything should be back to working normally.

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Our A/C unit(s) are old and awful and it’s definitely too warm in my room at night. I guess it’s a good enough reason to just get them replaced/fixed because we need to anyway. I agree there’s a difference in what goes on with heat during the day (feeling lower) to at night (rising).

It’s super annoying to have 4 or 5 days in a row several times - over the last couple months of awesome/non-correcting-needing morning numbers of 80-105 and then bam - this nonsense. My goal was to get my A1C under 6 by end of year and this is not helpful!

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Same with me.

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Hopefully a basal adjustment will get you back on track until your AC unit is fixed.

Do your BG levels rise because of the temperature, or because you’re more likely to be awake and semi-active (restless) rather than in a deep sleep? I see that happen, and my tossing and turning related to warmer temps leads to higher BGs.

Like @bkh, my basals shift with the seasons (regardless of their temperatures).

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Similar to @Beacher, I was going to ask whether high BGs on warmer nights might be related to poor sleep rather than the temperature. I’m fairly sure that quite a bit of research has shown that even a single bad night’s sleep can lead to higher BGs compared to a good night’s sleep.

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It’s certainly possible. I actually tend to have the most trouble sleeping when I’m too cold though.

If I wake up hot and sweaty in the middle of the night, I’m almost guaranteed an upward trend since I fell asleep.

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i experience this too; as well, when i am exhausted by other things, like stress for example, my bgs can get wonky. just my 2 cents.

Ok, so quick update after a week of experimenting:

  1. I don’t think sleep quality or coolness/too warm in my room at night does anything to my bg. I had my a/c on/off depending on weather and my sleep quality was all over the place. I’ve never been a good sleeper even before diagnosis and I’ve had morning numbers all over the place good or bad sleep.

  2. I drink a beer or two every night (you can judge it’s ok!) and I’ve cut back during the week for calorie purposes. 1 beer = little higher to no effect next morning but 2+ does drop me 15-ish points on average.

  3. I did juice up my dinner shot at 5:45pm by 1 unit (I’m on 70/30 so that equates to .7 units more for basal) starting this Monday evening and yes it did have noticeable effect. I went from 150 (Monday morning) to 122 (Tues) then 99 (Wed), 94 (Thurs) - those last 3 numbers I did not drink any beer the night before. So last night (Thurs) I did have my usual dinner, 1 extra unit dose, and my 2 beers. I was 79 this morning.

Long story short - I don’t know why I was 150-ish solid for an entire week, the extra basal unit worked well, and putting beers on top of it is too much as I feel 79 is a bit lower than I want to be.


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