So we’re deleting humor posts from the super secret hidden politics section now? That’s ok as long as the standards are applied fairly. I expect the same response when someone praises the next liberal president or mocks the next conservative politician.

Is anyone on here posting Trump memes? I mean, there are many many to choose from, but I don’t see the many liberal folks on here posting them. You didn’t praise Trump or some other conservative or genuinely criticize Pelosi; you posted a meme mocking her without any substantive discussion whatsoever. I thought the point of politics category was to have a space for political discussions and where ones that arose elsewhere could be reasonably relegated. If it’s just to post partisan humor memes than I think it doesn’t belong on the site at all. Isn’t that what plenty of the rest of the internet is for? Can’t you just go post that on FB?

It was a joke. And the reason nobody else is posting political humor is because nobody else is using the politics section— at all

I’m just stating that if anyone else does start using it, standards should be applied fairly—

Not a funny one.

Or they have the taste not to do it here.

And sure, I think it absolutely should be applied fairly. But

has nothing to do with what you posted.

Several people think it’s hilarious. Unfortunately this community is intolerant of all but liberal views so they were afraid to say so in public… or even the semi private secret politics forum, which used to be the only place where conservative ideas were allowed, now I’m not even sure. The good news is though that the entire forum is wide open fair game for liberal views, so that’s a plus

Sure I’m not surprised that some people on the forum find it funny. But I’m sure for all the people who thought it was hilarious, others find it alienating or offensive. I’m sure few of those people would tell you that directly though.

I’m also not suggesting you not discuss conservative ideas here—I’ve made it super clear my objection was to your posting partisan mocking “humor” which is entirely different. I genuinely don’t understand the need/drive to post that crap here, and I fully agree that the same should apply to liberal humor of a similar sort, which I wouldn’t ever feel a need to post here. You want to talk intelligently about conservative ideas? Go for it. Seems like it would be a challenge these days, but shrug.

We are deleting threads where tempers are rising for no good reason. This is a diabetes forum, and there is no good reason to encourage strife over other topics. From here on, let us all post political topics related to diabetes in the politics subcat.