“Real Diabetes” - TV Show Comment

One of the shows that my husband cannot believe I waste my time on is “Married at First Sight”. People apply and interview to be matched with someone whom they meet at their legal wedding. Then they follow the couples for a few months and then they decide to stay married or get divorced.

This season, there is a 25 year old woman with T1D who is matched to get married. I’m behind on the episodes so I’m just now working through my DVR. I can tell she uses a Humalog pen and she said she wants to have kids ASAP bc it will only get potentially more complicated as she ages (which was my exact reasoning at that age…but I was four years into my marriage at that point).

One of the marriage “experts” on the show described this woman to the other experts and said, “she’s managed a lot of challenges well in her life, including her health, bc she has real diabetes, Type 1 Diabetes.”



As I have told you before - the more I hear about your husband, the more I wish I was friends with him instead…

But I gotta keep you and Leslie away from each other. You guys would totally gang up on me.

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You have good judgment there. He’s pretty awesome. #marriedup

Also probably true!!

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