Random life events

This is a c+p of something I posted in a type 1 diabetes and pregnancy group and wanted to share here as well… I suppose it is related to diabetes in one way or another, as everything can be when you have diabetes…

Hi everyone! Today is Easter (obviously) and is also my 29th birthday… a year ago I was very worried as my very first ultrasound with this nugget was 3 days away (pregnancy directly following an early miscarriage). Life is surprising and exciting - a year later I am a mom to an almost 5-month old and I am also living half-way across the country. Never know what is coming next. :wink::kissing_heart: excited for all you mamas-to-be! Happy (impending) summer :heart: — feeling grateful.



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Adorable and wonderful. Life is always full of surprises, but it isn’t often that the surprises are that darn cute!

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This is a beautiful set of pictures. Her little smile in the bottom one! Melt me! Thanks for posting these sweet pictures—gives us all hope to be reminded of how the unexpected can sometimes bring such beauty to our lives. Far too often the unexpected (alarm, low, high, wonky for unknown reason) interferes with our lives. These sorts of unexpected blessings sneak up on us too. In such wonderful ways. Did she enjoy her Easter?

Thank you :blush: She definitely had a busy and exciting day!!

Maria, happy birthday!

I have to tell you: I can’t think of any birthday gift that beats spending some time with this marvelous thing in your arms:-)

Mazel Tov!

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@walkingthedragon88 - absolutely precious. So happy for you!!! I never knew how much love I had in me until my children were born.

Happy Birthday as well!!!


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I love the vibe of this forum already… nowhere else like it on the

Happy birthday Maria


Already gave mine… Come on people!

Mine is in.

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You are all too nice! Thank you :blush: