I’m still here :)

Sorry I’ve been MIA, ya’ll! The last year has brought many ups and downs for me—mainly home ownership, new jobs (including professional writing about diabetes), pregnancy losses (sadly), turning 30 (neutral), my daughter turning from baby to toddler (bittersweet) — lots of milestones, to say the least… I’m so glad that this community is thriving!! Im happy to report that my diabetes management has remained quite good…

As Charlie Chaplin (with whom I share a birthday) once wrote “Even stars collide, and out of their crashing new worlds are born. Today I know “THAT IS LIFE”!” Love to all


So good to see you back…and thank you for sharing what’s been going on in your life. I’m sorry for your losses.

Our journey isn’t always an easy one but your positive attitude is inspiring. It reminds me that “it’s about the journey rather than the destination”!



Really glad you have the time to check in. Life is full of ups and downs that can’t be predicted, but a happy toddler and control over your diabetes sounds like good things to me!a

My oldest is a senior in HS, so we are looking for colleges and stuff at this point, it happened so fast I can hardly believe it.


My oldest is almost there too! Junior in HS and getting lots of recruitment materials from colleges…


SO GLAD to read from you, and to hear that all is good!

My youngest son is also transitioning, from a child to a teenager. I think their transformation masks our own changes as well: theirs is very visible and physical, while ours are more hidden inside but no less true :slight_smile:

Mazel Tov for it all, hoping that all goes well and that we will see you often!


@walkingthedragon88 Glad to hear from you! I am glad you are strong enough to bend your life in a good direction.

Even though my grandchildren are transitioning from adolescence to adulthood, I can commiserate with your excitement over your kids growing up! Hang in there!