Quick Question about Insulin and Weight Gain <sigh>


Okay and for this I’m jealous… very jealous. Here I am back talking about carbs again, but I basically cut everything out about 4 days ago, and all of my numbers hit the floor… I eat carbs, they hit the roof. I can’t imagine a life without carbs… and zucchini with meat sauce and lettuce and turkey “sandwiches” wrapped in lettuce… :confused:


This is why there are some things I’m fine to go with the low carb option and some…not so much. I’ve found some decent alternatives - like I bake breakfast things with almond flour all the time - but others, blech.


What do you get when you bake breakfast items with almond flour??


You can get low-carb noodles made of edemme or black bean. I can’t tell the difference, but I also haven’t had wheat pasta in years. You canalso get (or make) low-carb bread. You can get low-carb anything if you’re willing to eat processed food.

I’ve been eating more carbs lately and although they’re delicious, I hate the spikes. And if I try bigger boluses I don’t spike but go low a couple hours later. And if I pre-bolus, I go low as I’m eating because Fiasp is so fast. I may try a pre-bolus a bit of an extension and see how that works. But this fiddling endlessly with boluses is one thing I did not misss when I was eating low-carb. And if I can ever eat wheat, eggs, soy, and dairy again I will probably eat low-carb again. But doing it without those and other foods, especially while travelling, was just causing too much stress.


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Maybe in the next lifetime it will just be easier, but I’m exactly like you. I don’t know how to do the insulin to cover the carbs, and I usually end up on a roller coaster. It was amazing to watch the last couple of days, which DID include a couple of bananas, all just kind of settle down and flatten out. I can’t do flat with carbs. Not even close. It hurts because I grew up eating a very high carb diet and being told of all the ways they were healthy… healthier than a low carb/higher fat diet. My childhood is long gone, but I still struggle with that thinking.

I’ll have to look into the noodle alternatives. I actually really like the zucchini… I actually really like the turkey wrapped in lettuce, too. But I love carbs. More. :grin: it would just be cool to have it be somewhere in the middle, but I’m not sure it’s worth all the work (and risk) involved in getting there.


:rofl: and you said you haven’t kept up with music… what was that, like 1986?? :grin:


Yep! Elvis C!

I sing every post I read.



And you Implied that I was weird. :rofl:


I had to look that one up. :laughing:

@Nickyghaleb, I make biscuits, muffins, breads, pancakes, etc. They’re really good, and much easier to dose for than the higher carb versions.


Hmmm… and almond flour is gluten free, isn’t it? I could always check… could you point me in the direction of a recipe for maybe muffins?? If you don’t mind!


Yes, it is gluten free! I started baking with almond flour some when I was diagnosed with celiac disease, then switched to using primarily that after my LADA diagnosis. I buy it in bulk from Costco, as its pretty pricy at most places.

My favorite muffin recipe is this one. I use agave syrup, double the recipe (keeping the syrup amount at 2-3T), and I use almond milk (1/2c for doubled recipe since it’s thinner than coconut milk). I find most of my recipes on Pinterest.


I’ll mess with this this weekend. :two_hearts: thank you very much!


Do you like pizza, because the fat head pizza is truly amazing. I actually prefer this crust to the real stuff unless made in a great pizza oven.


I love Elvis C (especially Whats So Funny bout Peace Love and Understanding, Radio, Radio, Oliver’s Army), but we really should credit this song properly to Dionne Warwick and Bachrach/David. Sorry, have I dated myself?


i love these kind of sandwiches.!!! crispy and delicious, with just the right amount of flavor. i add Helman’s Lite Mayo to the mix (also, these are great with Pepper Smoked Turkey)

another favorite of mine is fresh peanut butter wrapped in lettuce (or on celery sticks to scoop up the PB. mmmm :blush:


i ve always been skinny, but i have always exercised, so i havent a clue.


Sorry, but you’ve BEEN dating yourself since I’ve arrived… :smiley: Thank goodness you got stuck in a period of good music. :smiley:

These are joke words… all joke words. Please don’t cry.


Oh no… @jag1… i was trying to insult Eric. But in a funny way. You haven’t dated yourself. You just have good taste. :smiley:


You definitely make me feel like i should love them, too, with all that bold. I already add the hellman’s lite… oh WAIT. No, I don’t! I’ve just been wrapping turkey and a little salsa in there. Today… I’m mixing in Hellman’s today!