Pumping lows


So started back on pump yesterday (yes) albeit my 530, but hey I like. Only problem is I went low most of night. My basal rate is right on target (36 units a day) that I have been using past month. I think the problem may be my long lasting insulin was tresiba and have read that after being on it tresiba will stay in system for up to 48 hours, so i guess i may be stacking. Was 117 when i went to bed (1:00am), 59 at 4:00am (stopped basal ate a bowl of cereal), at 5:00am was 109, restarted basal, when I got up at 9:00 was 79 ate breakfast with no bolus at noon was 119. Thinking I will set temp basal tonite for lower value in case. Does this sound reasonable.


While the stacking may have accounted for the overnight lows, we tend to be pretty conservative in this regard, I would increase your basal and then tune it back to what is right for you over the next couple of days. Obviously the pump gives you a lot more control in this regard.


Yea am tweaking, been high since noon, fought to get down. But finally did, my fault I like pumps for square wave/dual wave boluis but did normal after eating, I suffer from slow emptying, nerve damage to colon and ibs so my system is sporadic at best. Have already set lower basal rate for 12am to 9am. Thinking of increasing during day.