Prices of insulin and epipens to go up again?


From the Bloomberg Government article linked to by the above article:

A memo circulated yesterday by White House Chief of Staff Ronald Klain said all rules, guidances, or other agency actions that didn’t take effect prior to noon that day—the official handover time from Trump to Biden—will be subject to review by the new administration before they can take effect. If the previous administration’s actions raise questions of “fact, law, or policy,” the designated officials now leading the agencies can further delay effective dates and consult with the Office of Management and Budget about other actions. The agencies can also open comment periods on those actions. If there are no such questions, no further action is needed. The rule, proposal, or guidance can be considered active and effective, the memo said.

So the answer is “possibly” and we’ll find out in 60 days.


@ned, and that is why the title is a question and not a statement. This is so important for our community that there should be no equivocation on the issue.


The article title is very misleading. No equivocation there.