Previously Healthy, A Child's Story

This is a wonderful story about a very young child who was misdiagnosed, and then diagnosed with type 1. So well presented, with great pictures. Sad story, but well worth reading! Click on the link below to read the complete story.

Previously Healthy
When I meet Darice Oxendine in her home, she holds two small shoes in her palms. The sneakers are white, rimmed in zebra print, the inside bright pink. I think of Hemingway’s one-line poem: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”


I am seriously upset about Reegan’s death at the hands of doctors who should no longer be in practice. If she had gone into their offices with a DKA tattoo on her forehead it could not be more obvious.

And I still don’t understand physician’s reluctance to including a finger stick Bg reading to a general checkup. How many times did my children have their blood drawn for yearly checkups? Every time.

Everything presented in the article is rightfully a condemnation of medical protocol in pediatrics.


:sob: So sorry for her. This could have been us. Glad we took Liam to the ER and didn’t believe our Pediatrician that he “was just dehydrated.” A simple finger stick…this should be required anytime there is even a slight chance that it could be diabetes. As the article said…a single finger stick BG test could have saved her daughters life (and so many others who aren’t tested and misdiagnosed.)

Always sad to hear/read these kinds of stories, but very glad we decided to take Liam to the ER when we knew something was wrong (regardless of what the Pediatrician told us.)


Two local families I am friends with almost lost their kids to undiagnosed T1D. Pediatrician diagnosed it as an ear infection. The other kid was going to Urgent Care every night due to parents’ work schedules and he kept getting ear infection diagnosis. ER caught it for both children…and both kids were within 24 hours of dying. They are doing well now.