Possible loss of job coming soon. :(

I ETS’d from the Army in 2002 and since then I’ve been with a large Defense Contractor in Northern VA. After 10 years with my current team, it doesn’t seem like our contract is going to be renewed again. As such, it seems that I’m going to be doing the dreaded task in the near future (job searching). In usual fashion, I’m trying not to worry about it because things always tend to work out in the end (never as you expect, sometimes worse, but many times better), but I just worry about losing the great coverage I currently have for Liam.

As it is, I max my HSA contributions ($6850/year I believe) and it always ends up being used for Liam, or one of our other children. I’ve never been in the position in my life, before Liam, where good healthcare coverage is more important than a high salary, but I’ve finally entered that stage of my life it seems.

July 11th is the official end date of our contract…hopefully the company can find something for us internally. Especially those of us with ten or more years tenure. I’ve got 16 years with them this June.

I got you for Pods and insulin. Whatever you need, as long as you need it.

Can’t offer much in terms of test strips. Those don’t last long in my house. :wink:

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Because he uses so little I we are good for one to two years without coverage. Same though. Except for test strips (and CGM sensors). We go through those test strips like candy. Thx Eric.

I’m sure something will work out. This is like the dating scene for me though… Been so long since I’ve had to look, I’m like a fish out of water. Lol

Well if you need pods, that’s no problem. I know those are harder to stockpile than insulin.

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@ClaudnDaye I have Humalog, some Tresiba and Freestyle test strips if needed, just let me know where to ship

Copay cards work for most cash customers too. Depending on preferred brand you could contact mfr to see if they are having a cash deal. Aside from all that the Walmart Relion meter with strips @ $9/100 is actually fairly accurate IMHO

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I’m sure things will turn out ok… my impression is that your skills are probably highly transferable… which is a huge benefit to a professional.

And of course with the collective wisdom and resources available here I’m sure the access to necessities will be taken care of if there is a significant disruption to insurance… of course there’s also cobra for intermediate term coverage, exchange plans for longer term, and other options if times really get tough as well. It sounds like you have thought ahead and made some wise moves with the HSA.


Thx everyone! We’re definitely far away from needing any type of assistance and I should be able to quickly find new work (that’s the attitude I’m carrying with me anyway). Like I said, somehow, things always work out so I’m not stressing too much over it. It’s just a hassle to job search is all. I’ve had TWO JOBS in my entire life! The US Army for 11 years, and now as a Defense Contractor for 16 years.

Getting all the dust off of my resume is a hassle. No one seems to be looking for Pascal or COBOL anymore! :laughing: What’s up with that??? Nah, it’s not that bad, but my resume is at least 15 years old so there is a lot of updating to it to do, then the whole “interviews” part…not something any introvert (or ambivert like me) enjoys doing.


Whatever you need Harold. My OOP is long gone, so it’s all on the insurance co.


Good luck dusting off the resume, I have a feeling if it comes to it you’ll find more demand for your services than you think! Happy to help in any way I can.


Defense contractor??? I better you’re in really good shape. No cuts in appropriations over there, right?

Honestly though, with your experience and military background, I think you’ll get a job in no time. You’d also be eligible for Vet’s preference if you’re interested in transitioning into a position with the government (though you’re probably well aware of this). If you already have clearance, that’s a huge asset!

Not sure exactly what type of work you do, but there are lots of classes available in DC if you need to expand your knowledge of programming languages. Some of them are even free.

Good luck!! Hopefully you’ll have some good news to share in the near future :slight_smile: