Poll - Dosing from CGM data alone



I dose based on CGM data 24 hours after sensor start up and have since I started using the G5. (I answered Yes)


Are polls private or is there some way to see who voted how? I was curious to see if there might be some unrecognized pattern to the respondents.


Only by running back-end SQL which we don’t have access too.


If anybody wants to publicize their vote, then feel free to LIKE this post for:

YES (I dose off of CGM data alone)


If anybody wants to publicize their vote, then feel free to LIKE this post for:

NO (I don’t dose off of CGM data alone)


I really liked your idea on how to personalize votes, so I LIKED it.

Then I decided to show my vote and LIKED it again :slight_smile:


Pretty witty.


I am just trying to scam for more likes. But don’t tell anybody.


Don’t delete this post now :slight_smile: Or @Nickyghaleb will be all over us!


Including liking this post? :smiley:


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Oh, wait! Was that to Thomas? :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry, couldn’t help myself.


Classical good looks—but you don’t have the extra-super-charming smile of your boy!


Ha! Yes!

My initial thought was “it depends…”

But then I realized that most of the G6 sensors have been quite accurate and I think having the Dexcom engenders a sort of laziness on EH’s part, honestly. I don’t trust it. He does. Turns out it’s usually up to him. :rofl:

And I voted yes.


What’s going in here? And can I trust anyone to give me a straight answer, or will I need to read for myself?


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This needs deeper insight…