Please pray for Samson

About two weeks ago we began noticing that Samson was often wiping spit off his face. About three days ago we noticed that he was having tremors and saliva was just pouring out of his mouth every few hours. Over the last hour the tremors seem to be coming every five or ten minutes. We have a neurology appointment on Wednesday but I am terrified something really bad is going on. Searching on Google is scaring the wits out of me. We have instructions to go to the ER if the spells seem to be changing and affecting swallowing, chewing or eating. So far that hasn’t been the case, but it’s hard to imagine this going on all weekend and not going in. It’s so terrifying. Please pray for Samson that whatever it is can be treated and resolved quickly.


Then maybe it’s a good idea to take him in to the ER? Is there a specialized pediatric hospital that you can get to? If nothing else it would provide hopefully some peace of mind and you’d still have the appointment on Wednesday booked


Thoughts are with you and your little soldier. Send positive vibes your way. If you aren’t sure it’s always better to catch it early… agree with Sam. My whole family will be thinking about your family while you struggle with this.


so, my father-in-law is an ER doc and we just called him and he said NOT to go because they won’t do any of the workup you need to diagnose it. They’ll stabilize him, make sure he’s not dehydrated and maybe run a thyroid panel but probably don’t have the neurological expertise to get to the bottom of it. So I am going to call Monday morning to see if I can get him into neurology early.


I’m so sorry - I can’t imagine the stress and worry. Praying for you all.

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Not sure about your area but we have pediatric ERs that are open 24/7 and specialize in kids. If it were Liam I wouldn’t go to a regular ER but would consider taking him to the pediatric version. Either way, hoping for a quick resolution for you guys.

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@TiaG between Lucille Packard/Stanford and Oakland Childrens, it would seem like someone should be on all for just such a problem?

Thoughts and prayers heading your way for Samson and your family.

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Sorry to hear this. Will pray for you,

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This may well be what they do, and really it’s what would be hoped for, that they have someone competent enough (hence the emphasis on children’s hospital) to thoroughly examine him and rule out any sort of emergency, then send you on your way and you’d just continue on with your scheduled appointment next week where they’d actually pursue real workups and solutions… it’s not like you lose anything, except your copay…


Oh no! Samson will be in my thoughts

I agree with @Sam – go to the ER, if only for the peace of mind.


And stay off Google!

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Sorry to hear about this. I will also pray for him.

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Sending positive energy your way…and gentle hugs to you and Samson.

Sending positive thoughts your way. Waiting and the unknown are the hardest to deal with. Learned the hard way that Google is not your friend in these cases.

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Our thoughts and prayers are with you and yours. Sending a lot of hugs your way too.

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Thinking of you, Samson, and your family. I hope it’s something that isn’t serious and is easily treatable.

I agree with others that, if in any doubt as to whether this might be an emergency, I wouldn’t hesitate in going to emergency.

Adding my prayers, too, for Samson and you and your family. :cherry_blossom:

All good thoughts going up to you guys. I’m glad you’ve got a plan for neurology workup and a backup plan in place (ER visit). It does seem to me that the Bay Area would be a good place to be with two children’s hospitals in the area. So maybe you can find someone over the weekend who’s there to help as other folks have mentioned.

I will add, apropos of nothing, having recently waited on going into the ER when I had an infection, my only regret is not going sooner. I have a new mindset about that now.

Hugs to you guys too! Always plenty of hugs.

I hope Samson is doing better now! My thoughts are with him and your family. He’s just so cute, and it makes me shudder to think that anything bad could be happening. I hope it’s something small and easy to treat.

Adding my prayers to the rest. Take care and hoping for a positive outcome.